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  1. I've upgraded one of my flircs to the lastest 2.5 software and enabled the sleep detection in the advanced setting as I did this. My understanding is this will allow only a single key to wake the htpc (rather than any key - which is the default). However how do I set which key to use. (i'm using the flirx xbmc on my harmony ultimate remote - so would like to set - 'select' only to wake the htpc). Thanks.
  2. I'm using a harmony ultimate remote and have setup the 'flirc xbmc' profile in the harmony.com settings. However I previously used flirc for a different remote and the instructutions in this thread mention that it should be all ready to go however - it's just has the profile for the last remote. how to I get it to work without setting up the remote manually in the flirc GUI? - do I just clear the current configuration and it will be ready to go?
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