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  1. I think it would be better to remove built-in profiles and ship Flirc with pre-programmed one for XBMC/Harmony setup (if this is main reason for the built-in profiles to exist in the first place)

    Sounds like a good idea.


    Personally i'd be in favour of removing the pre-programmed XBMC stuff as users seem to each require a small change which invariably is quite awkward to do. Also Flirc is quite powerful once users realise they can program *any* keyboard key - users who aren't exposed to the programming may miss out on this.


    Though I get the feeling that there isn't going to be one single right answer


    The link Chris! posted took me to, "Sorry, we couldn't find that!" and it made me sad is all.


    Has the thread been removed?


    Oops. Yeah, it's hidden to everyone but administrators. My fault, I didn't tell Jason (I made the change in the last few days).

    I've replaced it with proper documentation in our zendesk:



    I'm trying to consolidate all our help documents into an easy place to find them and make it a little easier to maintain. So i'm trying to faze out the links to help threads i've made. I've been monitoring the forums for problems - I guess I didn't pick up on that quick enough - sorry!





    My youngest daughter is in long term treatment for Leukemia and my wife and I are just treading water keeping up with all that entails, on top of work.

    Very sorry to hear. I hope they find a treatment she will respond well to.

    Thanks to your other post i've started revamping our help section (I wish I had a before and after snapshot).

    Here it is: https://flirc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us


    I'm quite happy with how things are progressing, i'm focusing on the "getting started" section. The ultimate test is going to be getting my mum to program and use a Flirc... I just need to finish some help documents first

  3. No worries.


    Not sure on the firmware upgrade problem. Two observations though:

    1. It shouldn't be too much of an issue as you don't have to have the Flirc GUI running to be able to use Flirc 
    2. There is a RC release 3 for that firmware - so maybe it is a legitimate upgrade request

    Let us know if that help document helped your double press issue.


    Have a great day Pedro

  4. Hi Ned,


    Thanks for taking the time to give us the heads up.


    It's pretty convenient that the name change is also occurring, we can keep the "XBMC" preset and introduce a "Kodi" preset.


    I'm pretty sure Jason is busy so not sure this will be out in time for Kodi stable release (which I believe is fast approaching).





  5. An excerpt taken from an so users don't have to go through 4 pages of the thread.


    I've been following this thread religiously and there are two problems that can happen and the multiple people posting are either experiencing one or the other.
    Flirc is essentially a keyboard, so consider 



    1. When you hit a key on the remote, one key is received on your machine, there is a delay, and then several keys are seen. Like if you had a keyboard and just pressed and held the button down.
    2. When you hit a key, several keys are received rapidly.

    These are two very different problems and users aren't distinguishing them here, and rightfully so, as the problem statement is too many keys are received. 


    So let's talk about the solutions we've figured out.

    1. a) If you have a harmony remote, lower the repeat value in the harmony software: in the remote, go to the troubleshooter & lower the value to 0 or 1
      b )If you don't, lower the interkey_delay in the flirc advanced software.
    2. a)Raise the interkey_delay in the flirc advanced software

    I think there is one more cause for 2, but I haven't determined what it is yet, I'm still working on it. It's going to require some special firmware that I started on.
    I'll put a sticky at the top of this thread for others, this seems to be the solution.


    Please continue to discus the issue in the original thread (linked at the start of this post)

  6. Some of those posts i've written are really getting old too :/


    This product absolutely needs a beginner and intermediate user's basic pdf manual that is easily downloaded right next to the software.

    I like to think thread would make a good basic PDF... though it may need some updating.


    But I completely agree with what Elrondolio says, the need for easy documentation is still required no matter how easy the product is. it used to be something I tried to do but alas in recent year work got in the way :(

  7. Curious.

    I'm not sure what is going on exactly but it could be picking up signal from another source.

    Do you have a strong light source on? (something that has changed since you last programmed it). Or even a phone with an IR port or something?


    If you can, maybe try other room. You could maybe try the noise canceller setting in file-->advanced settings (in the flirc gui)


    Let us know how you get on

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