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  1. You could program a button on your remote (using flirc) to close xbmc e.g. map record button to alt+f4

    Then make a shortcut to open xbmc with a keycombo assigned to it e.g. ctrl+space+o and program a different button on flirc (e.g off)

    I'm on my phone at the moment but i'll try and link to the guide eskro created

    Are you using windows?

  2. Perhaps I should mention that I've done all the programming and testing on my iMac running XBMC and Flirc software. After all the setting up, I unplugged the Flirc dongle and insert it into the Media PC which is running Linux and was working 100% correct with absolutely no configuration / software required on the Linux machine.

    Nice findings, flirc does all the sorting of signals and turns them into keyboard presses so it would work on any devixe that accepts a usb keyboard. The host device only sees it as a keyboard

  3. Perhaps not unsupported remotes (but something that implies less than 100% compatibility). Two subforums gets my vote.

    Also in the comment for the forum you could specify title format e.g.

    Remote Control Forum

    Posts about remote control compatibilty, please title your thread "[Remote control] - Then what ever you want"

    If you did creat a forum I would be temped to move a couple of threads into that one.

  4. Hi Rich, Welcome to FLIRC forums.

    Nice to hear you are having some success with you XBOX DVD remote and FLIRC

    operation is perfect in xbmc now except for one thing, if i'm in file mode and i hit 'back' which is supposed to jump up one directory 9 times out of 10 it will jump all the way back to the home screen. it feels like an over eager auto repeat on the key press but cant work out whether its a function of the remote, xbmc, windows or flirc. i don't want to suggest that filrc has the option of disabling auto repeat on individual keys when its nothing to do with it in the first place so if anyone has any suggestions as to what is going on there then i'd like to hear.

    I'm sure you have done this correctly, but just to eliminate any lingering doubts; the back button on your XBOX remote is mapped to backspace (or delete in the current FLIRC GUI) and not ESC?

    I don't like creating suggestion threads for users as I think they are best at expressing their views more accurately than I can, so if you feel like it it you could but the following (or something similar) into the suggestion forum (http://forum.flirc.tv/index.php?/forum/39-ideas-and-suggestions/):

    what would be useful is instead/as well as the current option to erase an individual key press on the remote is an option to erase all codes associated with keyboard function ie in the gui, click erase and then click vol+ and it'd erase all ir codes associated with vol+ rather than have to individually erase all ir codes via remote presses.

    One final thing, are you experiencing some of the other issues in this thread (), i'm particularly interested in what buttons cannot be programmed (so I can update a sticky on issues with certain remotes)

    Many thanks!

  5. Apple remote - long press


    • Inability to use long press at all (useful for fast forwarding or scrolling through a list)


      • Flirc doesn't yet support long presses - though it is planned.
      • Solution

        Wait for long press support firmware

        (or test the beta version now:


        Thanks to forum user goolong

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