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  1. I'll admit that whilst I could read it RFT is really a Mac text editor thing (as far as i'm concerned) Here it is in PDF XBMC Keyboard FLIRC.pdf
  2. Crashes should be expected with xbmc nightlies - its not even in beta yet
  3. You could always put the always on computer to sleep (hense disabling flirc) and in the beta firmware's you can set a button to wake from sleep. Is this worth looking into?
  4. I think FLIRC is see through to increase sensitivity to signals (I seem to recall Jason saying that somewhere)
  5. Nice findings, flirc does all the sorting of signals and turns them into keyboard presses so it would work on any devixe that accepts a usb keyboard. The host device only sees it as a keyboard
  6. Would this be using the xbox remote (not your sony one) by chance?
  7. Wouldn't that essentially be the beta-firmware images (as they are being tested for the next stable firmware)? I'll make a sticky of accepted (by Jason) ideas... at some point in te near future.
  8. Users seem to have some confusion (which I full understand), () The erase button is a bit too vague (in my opinion). Perhaps change the wording from: to Or similar Just an idea!
  9. Hi 00g, welcome to the FLIRC forums. I haven't heard of this issue so far just to clarify a few points: What firmare are you using? When scrolling up or down slowly it is fine but multiple repeats cause it to go left What remotes have you tried? Cheers!
  10. Good find rich, if you feel like making it easier for Jason to spot start a new thread in this forum: http://forum.flirc.tv/index.php?/forum/36-gui-bugs/ if you create it he can ask you questions (should be need to) Cheers!
  11. I think the "remote issues" should be in the remote forum (created today for extra freshness!). I'm not sure how required it is though, forum categories aren't going to be perfect.
  12. Parent directory is the one you want if you want to go back as you described in your first post. Glad everything else is going well!
  13. On another scan of the forum it makes sense to have remote control as you have Firmware problems (problems with the FLIRC), GUI (Problems with the software) but nothing for problems of remotes.
  14. Perhaps not unsupported remotes (but something that implies less than 100% compatibility). Two subforums gets my vote. Also in the comment for the forum you could specify title format e.g. Remote Control Forum Posts about remote control compatibilty, please title your thread "[Remote control] - Then what ever you want" If you did creat a forum I would be temped to move a couple of threads into that one.
  15. Hi Rich, Welcome to FLIRC forums. Nice to hear you are having some success with you XBOX DVD remote and FLIRC I'm sure you have done this correctly, but just to eliminate any lingering doubts; the back button on your XBOX remote is mapped to backspace (or delete in the current FLIRC GUI) and not ESC? I don't like creating suggestion threads for users as I think they are best at expressing their views more accurately than I can, so if you feel like it it you could but the following (or something similar) into the suggestion forum (http://forum.flirc.tv/index.php?/forum/39-ideas-and-suggestions/): One final thing, are you experiencing some of the other issues in this thread (), i'm particularly interested in what buttons cannot be programmed (so I can update a sticky on issues with certain remotes) Many thanks!
  16. Chris!

    eSkRo's HTPC!!

    I think he meant "theme" not "them" i'm gonna guess Aeon MQ3 with lots of tron stuff everywhere!
  17. Apple remote - long press Symptoms Inability to use long press at all (useful for fast forwarding or scrolling through a list) Cause Flirc doesn't yet support long presses - though it is planned. Solution Wait for long press support firmware (or test the beta version now: ) Thanks to forum user goolong
  18. up to Jason really so my opinion is no more valid than yours! :)
  19. I like the top one - though (be being fussing again) I would prefer the old minimalist icon (adapted from your hard work):
  20. Yeah I think presenting the controller type you wanted to format then start formatting it is a nice touch (so people can utilize the full potenical of FLIRC). However I would be inclined to use icons (e.g. boxee icon) instead of the remote. Nice idea though
  21. Oh, took me few reads but it maybe because xbox is a microsoft remote which is microsoft and flirc has had some issues with microsoft stuff. @Kieran - let me know how you get on and i'll update the sticky with findings (if appropriate) so others can benefit - cheers!
  22. Hi goolong, Welcome to the forums, other than long presses and volume control how is your experience using apple-remote and flirc? Work well, programmed easily?
  23. Sorry if i'm making you sound dumb (that's not my intention), have you tried: - Erasing the key before reprogramming it - (if that didn't work), perhaps clear the configuration then try programming all the buttons again (see if that helps)
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