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  1. I have checked the blog out and your post in the xbmc forums. And yes the wake up from sleep would be ideal as the regular media center IR already supports it.
  2. Eskrow, Jason did mention in the xbmc forums that long presses was in the process of being worked on. I did see your post eskro about a work around with repeated keys for certain harmony remotes. The reason i purchased a flirc is to get other remotes such as a users samsung remote, or any remote for that matter to work with xbmc / mediacenter . And not be tied down to just harmony remotes in media center mode which would be able to handle most of my needs or any users needs. Pseudo 7, I appreciate the welcome!! Since i came from an appletv2 with xbmc eden, all the buttons were there and i could do more with the long press buttons such as fast forwarding a bit more or scrolling through the list to skip items. Other than that, the up down left right enter back and play pause works perfectly. I wonder if i can get openelec debugging remote program to see the codes and have the built lirc that is in openelec take the information instead. I understand the flirc usb itself presents itself to the system as a keyboard so it might not be possible without a firmware upgrade. We will see how this goes as im planning stages to start reselling some media boxes with some custom aluminum cases that matches well wtih the aluminum appleremote. The feedback i've always gotten from some of my older customers is simplicity, something easy enough for grandma and kids thats intuitive.
  3. Just got my flirc and have to admit setup was a breeze. Im setting up some media boxes for friends and inlaws and went from an appletv with xbmc pre-eden to a dedicated box to support 1080p with other codecs besides x264. They are not very techinical...and have trouble using any remotes with a bunch of keys so i figure the appleremote would be best for them. Only thing missing is the long presses and possibly volume control. reading the xbmc forums, i heard this was in the works and was not difficult to do according to jason. Is there a beta firmware out for this functionality yet?? As a suggestion.. it would be nice to have preconfigured popular remotes such as the appleremote/ harmoy models for various systems such as xbmc, windows MC, etc posted up for users to download from. Thanks!!
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