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  1. Hi ZaPHoN, welcome to the forums.

    I don't have any experience with LinuxMCE (i've literally just read about it on wikipedia). Easy way to tell if Flirc will work is to try a USB keyboard on LinuxMCE - if it works then Flirc will work (though you'll probably have to do the initial one-time set-up on another computer)

    Please post back any experiences etc so other users can benefit,

    Pleasant regards


  2. Hi Godzilla, welcome to the forums.

    In answer to your question, no. I think everyone's been quite happy using the panasonic preset. Though I would like to look into it in the coming months so thanks for reminding me.I'll post any progress I make.

    Hope you're enjoying your Flirc

    Pleasant regards


  3. Could you do something similar?

    Hmm, I guess the main draw of Flirc is not needing software installed to use it (other than initial programming it) so a solution that would allow you to control different things would have to be coded within Flirc module.

    (e.g. XBMC preset: Play on remote = p

    Powerpoint preset: Play on remote = F5 (or whatever starts a slideshow))

    Also I believe Flirc can only store 160 keys, I say only but if you had several presets then it may get used up.

    But as the idea goes I think it is a good one - you could use the colour buttons on your remote (I don't use them) to switch presets:

    Red = switch to XBMC preset

    Blue = switch to powerpoint

    Green = switch to windows media player

    Certainly an idea to entertain... how easy it is to implement - I have no idea.

    Pleasant regards,


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  4. Welcome to the forums mikewest,

    It would work like any other USB device (from what I read on the reviews on the amazon product you linked to - as various other products worked).

    For what it's worth my Flirc is on the end of a 2 meter USB extension (due to my unique abode 6 months of the year) also Flirc works fine in my Mac's USB (which is usually pretty rubbish at supplying power). Both work fine - leading me to believe you would be fine.

    Pleasant regards


  5. Hi burke,

    I think I understand what you are saying. Is this is:

    When trying to find the best remote control/remote control preset you want Flirc to ask you to program the same buttons that you had programmed before. E.g. (Flirc GUI requests you press a button to be mapped with X as it was mapped before).

    If this is the case, my personal opinion (read: not Jason's), I think this would complicate the GUI. Whilst it is a bit of a pain if you're trying lots of remotes - once it's programmed, that's it!

    Also some of the presets could help this function (e.g. if programming for XBMC you could use the XBMC preset - that may help).

    I think Jason is aiming for Flirc to work with as many remotes as possible so this would hopefully try and eliminate this kind of issue.

    Thanks for taking the time to suggest ideas and I hope Flirc is working out well for you,

    Pleasant regards,


  6. I have a PS2 remote going to waste, anyone tried this on flirc?

    I don't think anybody has, but from what i've read Sony remotes seem to have been fine with Flirc. Usually if any problems have occurred they are present across all of that manufacturers range (e.g. Xbox remote and MCE remotes share similar issues and are both microsoft remotes).

    I reckon sony remotes would work - if you do get a Flirc be sure to test it and post your experiences (I can change the thread title to reflect whether it works if you want)

    Pleasant regards


  7. Funnily enough I only learnt this today too (for reference: ).

    It is O/S dependant, as different O/S have different key repeat values.

    You should see a similar result if you plugged in a USB keyboard and held a button down.

    It should be possible to change in XBMCbuntu as it is ubuntu underneath though I am not sure how to

    (I would offer to find out but am not meant to be finding more distractions from my uni work at this time - though Digitalb0y seems like a very knowledgable person with linux so he may know)

  8. Oh no! That's not too good.

    Not that I want to recommend you buy more stuff just for Flirc but in case you wanted a cheap remote for your basement tv:

    I use a harmony 300 (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Logitech-Harmony-300-Remote-Universal/dp/B003BJTPBW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1335294579&sr=8-1) - it's not as flashy as the other harmony remotes but is damn good (I prefer it to the remote my samsung tv came with) and it's only £17.

    Thanks for reporting back - valuable information for everyone.

  9. With 0.97, when I launch the GUI, keyboard and mouse lock up and are unresponsive

    Happens with my mac - I found it doesn't happen when Flirc is plugged in (i.e. only when it isn't plugged in and the GUI is running does it exhibit this behaviour)

    So as far as i'm concerned it's a non-issue.

    If the software is causing these symptoms when Flirc is plugged in then please do start a new thread and we can try to sort something out.

    hope you enjoy your Flirc when it arrives, pleasant regards


  10. Hi adamraz, Welcome to your first forum (glad you chose flirc forum!)),

    I'll write up a proper step by step at some point but for now i'll write a basic one. I'm assuming you're using FLIRC with your MacMini:

    1) Program another device on your harmony remote as a TV (not the same make as the TV you're using)

    So your remote has 2 tv profiles. One for your TV, one for Flirc

    (see this post for further explaination)

    2) Set-up Flirc

    plug flirc into a computer then using the flirc gui (http://www.flirc.tv/downloads/) switch to keyboard layout (in the menu at the top of your screen: controllers ---> Full Keyboard)

    then program each button on your remote to the correct letter xbmc uses (http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Keyboard)

    e.g. program "ok" on your remote to "enter" on flirc's virtual keyboard which would result in xbmc receiving "select"

    Repeat this step for all the buttons on your remote

    3) Close the one-time set-up software then plug flirc into any computer that works with usb keyboards (virtually every computer) and you have a working remote.

    (Note you don't have to install the flirc software on every computer - just the one you want to program Flirc with)

    4) Post back here with your experiences!

    Hope the above is helpful,


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