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  1. Hi Hefsaard, Welcome to the Flirc forums, Sorry you're having issues. It sounds like the device might be corrupted. It may take a couple of tries but in the Flirc GUI, try clearing the configuration (file ---> clear configuration) Pleasant regards, Chris!
  2. Thanks to Burke's I too decided to have a little stab at keymapping. Even though you mentioned your platform i'm gonna generalise a tad so others can benefit (if required): How to change Music control so Spacebar is always pause 1) Find your keyboard.xml file: 2) Open your keyboard.xml in wordpad/TextEdit/another basic text editor 3) Find the section that deals with music controls, it should look something like this: 4) Change the "<space>Playlist</space>" to "<space>Pause</space>" (in bold below for emphasis) 5) Save the keyboard.xml. (Close XBMC if open, then) Open XBMC and it should work great. Let us know how it goes.
  3. Hi Godzilla, Sorry it hasn't been a smooth process for you - Jason works hard with these things so hopefully things will be smoother in future. Glad you got your problems sorted, thanks for posting your steps - advantageous in case other user happen to have a similar issue. When Flirc is sending too many ArrowDown or Enter/Return are you holding the button down, pressing quickly (couple of times in a second) or just pressing once? Pleasant regards, Chris!
  4. Hi hhbernd, welcome to the Flirc forums, I've given it a go and you are correct (I don't usually use XBMC for music so didn't notice it earlier). The issue appears to lies with XBMC. You should notice that thesong start from the begging when p is pressed if XBMC is currently hovering over that song. You have two options for pausing: 1) Come out of the music section (to the homescreen for example) then press p or space bar 2) Press tab to go into visualise then press space Pleasant regards, Chris!
  5. I believe the two are distinct from each other as you can have 32bit and 64bit versions of the processor architecture x86 http://en.wikipedia....6#x86_registers But this is me being picky about semantics - it's not helping vogelaps issue so i'll shut up :)
  6. I'm pretty sure you mean 32 bit windows. Windows on another architecture would be impressive (not counting windows 8 & onwards)! @vogelap - I'm thinking this is not going happen :(
  7. Found this online (although you said you couldn't get past the first stage - so may not help): http://helpdeskgeek.com/windows-vista-tips/setting-up-windows-media-center-without-ir-hardware-on-windows-vista/
  8. What happens when you press cancel on the dialog box you posted. Does it abort the whole process or just the ir setup?
  9. Thanks for the guide Burke - this guide shows some of what is possible to build upon with Flirc due to it appearing as a USB keyboard to the host machine. If you can customise keyboard input - you can customise Flirc Many thanks Burke! Chris!
  10. May help: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-vista/Windows-Media-Center-keyboard-shortcuts
  11. Ha ha, what timing. Burke posted a great guide of customising buttons. I'll admit I haven't tried the steps he wrote up (I've been busy and I don't have a windows computer) but its seems like a great solution for this usage. I'll let Burke guide you (as he knows more) - If that's OK Burke? Basically the solution would likely involve changing xbmc's keymaps.XML Pleasant regards Chris!
  12. Hi member, Glad you got it sorted. With regards to you new question, have a look at this thread: If it doesn't help then make a new topic in the "general" forum (so your question gets lots of exposure) Pleasant regards Chris
  13. Fair comment - you have a lot more experience with scrolling with Flirc than I have. I'll stop mentioning it for now then start experimenting in June. Chris!
  14. 2) Not sure but as a temporary measure if it's that annoying you could turn on kiosk mode, usually in settings ---> skin --> general. 1) On my to-do list is to research the various solutions and factors that affect scrolling so we can come up with solutions for each platform (as it is more of a platform thing than a Flirc thing). It would be the cherry on top of the very delicious Flirc cake. I'll definitely need some help from forum users... expect something around abut June though if someone starts in the mean time i'll join them in June Pleasant regards, Chris!
  15. I'll gladly try to help but I don't understand what you are asking (are you asking anything?) Chris
  16. Is this using the XBMC preset in Flirc? I think there is a bug (which is being corrected with the next release - along side other improvements) Use the full keyboard layout and map "Back" button on your remote to backspace on the keyboard. (source: http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Keyboard) Pleasant regards Chris!
  17. Please do keep us informed, This thread cropped up a few days ago so it may help figure out what code to use for Flirc: Pleasant regards Chris!
  18. Probably "s" http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Keyboard There maybe a more direct way (but I don't know it :))
  19. Hmm, it is really strange that Flirc isn't getting anything. When I google-d your remote it kept displaying stuff about the receiver (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/412/entertainmentcenterupgr.jpg/). Have you still got the receiver and can you verify that the remote is working using that receiver? I appreciate what you've established that it is sending IR but I want to check that the IR it's sending not just random broken signals. Basically I just want to verify as much as possible that the remote is functioning 100%. Then we can definitely place the fault squarely on Flirc. Sorry the set-up isn't going 100% smoothly, Pleasant regards, Chris!
  20. Awesome, glad it's working for you know. Thanks for the detailed follow up post. Chris!
  21. Thanks for posting Cheule, I'm sure future users will find your information of great value. Pleasant regards Chris! p.s. let me know if something crops up and you wanna change the title - hopefully this won't be the case.
  22. Hi jorobe, That's odd. I wasn't able to find a manual online - though it pops up in LIRC type forums so I guess that proves it IR. You're right, no-one appears to have reported anything relating to Creative remotes. Hopefully we can get it to work. Could you elaborate on what you've tried? Does Flirc work with any remote you have (could you try a TV one) - just to check Flirc is working? Does it have fresh/full batteries in? Pleasant regards Chris
  23. How odd, can you check to see if multiple buttons aren't mapped to the map function in the harmony software (and therefore the remote) Chris!
  24. Hi ZaPHoN, welcome to the forums. I don't have any experience with LinuxMCE (i've literally just read about it on wikipedia). Easy way to tell if Flirc will work is to try a USB keyboard on LinuxMCE - if it works then Flirc will work (though you'll probably have to do the initial one-time set-up on another computer) Please post back any experiences etc so other users can benefit, Pleasant regards Chris!
  25. I like the harmony 300 (same kind of price range) as it's easy to program through the computer: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Logitech-Harmony-300-Remote-Universal/dp/B003BJTPBW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1336551916&sr=8-1
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