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  1. Hello, I dont understand the "How-to". I Try the whole day to get my ZBOX restarted from sleep. I have a YaVDR with Ubuntu 12.4. Is there a chance to explain step-by-step what I can do to get my Flirc awake my machine ? Thank you! Bernd
  2. Hi Burke, do you think that there is a chance to map a Harmony-button to switch visalisation on / off ? While playing music i prefer the screen with the buttons at the buttom where you can skip to the next song, pause, play....titles. At the right side there is a button which is linked to the settings. There you can switch fanart on/off and turn the visualisations on/off. Is there an easy way to map a button wihth this function: turn vis on/off while playing music ? I tried "TAB" but this is not what i want. Thanks for helping !
  3. Topic closed :-) Everything works: is sompletely did a new XBMCubuntu - setup. Now the play/pause button works with the modification of keymapping as shown above. Thank you for your help !
  4. Hi Chris, thank you again for your help. I followed your instructions and realized that there was no keyboard.xml in my home/bernd/.xmbc/userdata/keymaps folder. I loaded the default keyboard.xml which is shipped with XBMC from here and edited the file as shown above. Then i saved it in the above shown path and folder. Every button works but when I press the play-button XMBC crashes and restarts. Can you imagine what is wrong ?
  5. Hi Chris ant thank you for the welcome, OK - the workaround you mentioned works - but is there any chance of doing anything within the keymap to give the play/pause button back the normal function ? I mostly hear music with XMBC and miss the function very much. Cheers Bernd
  6. Hello everyone, i have a ZBOX ID41+ and XBMXbuntu and want to use it with my Harmony. I followed the steps above and programmed the harmony as Panasonic TC-P65VT30. For Keymapping i used the attached pdf from Chris - thank you ! Everything seems to work. Only the play/pause-button doesn't work while playing a song. If i press the pause-button, the menu shortly disapears but nothing else. If i push the play button during playback, the song starts from the beginning. In videomode when watching a film, the play and pause button works as usual. Can anyone help ? Thanks Bernd [Note from Chris: This Topic was split from "Recommended Harmony Device" () as it is mainly about changing a keymap]
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