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  1. I think the OP has used on/off but really means awake/sleep. Depending on computer specs you can wake up a computer using flirc
  2. Use the stable GUI to downgrade to stable firmware:
  3. Correct. We were focusing on improving a firmware issue, this then was going to require a new Flirc GUI which was meant to out relatively quickly but other issues came up. Basically we should have released a bug fix but got caught up in other flirc work. Should also mention that this isn't mine or Jason's full time job: http://www.flirc.tv/fundraising/ We will get it sorted. Is your Flirc ok otherwise?
  4. Not yet - the reason the new firmware hasn't gone stable yet is because of this issue - Jason is working on it but as it's an issue that he can't easily re-create, it's taking additional time (and we have full time jobs). Jason is working on it though.
  5. Dare I say it the Chromecast looks really good... shame I can't get XBMC on it
  6. Great post. (I'll probably link to it) I guess this is the work around for people who need it.
  7. We'll be improving the harmony support (it's something I really want too!) - we have contacts at harmony (who seems very nice). We'll get there - thanks for the patience :) Glad you're enjoying your Flirc!
  8. Not as yet - I think he's working on getting the current Release candidates out - there was a rare bug that he couldn't replicate so it's taking a lot longer than anticipated. Don't worry though, i've added it to the bug tracker (not available to view publically at the moment unforunately)
  9. This isn't good is it - very sorry. Something seem to be wrong on the Flirc. On the windows computer that you're getting a connection to the Flirc with can you try re-uploading the stable firmware (version 1.0): http://blog.flirc.tv/library-version-history/ Then clear the configuration using the Flirc gui (file --> clear configuration) Does Flirc work after this? Jason deals with these. Don't worry, sometimes we're a little busy (as Flirc is not something we take a salary from) but we will make sure we get you set up with a happy working Flirc. Thanks Mr Fish (Awesome name!)
  10. Weird. Those Vendor ID's don't match Flirc's one. Are you connecting through a hub? Is this with the flirc software running? After a while I get those symptoms a bit on my mac but from the flirc software - not the Flirc itself.
  11. I agree - really useful for kids, but i'm not sure of an easy way to have an obvious universal way of doing to please everyone. I like the look of your way for people who need it - if you felt like doing a guide it might help someone - no pressure though :). Glad you like it!
  12. Thanks joek - awesome info, added info to the sticky
  13. That is nice. My XBMC box broke so i'll just oggle this set up then buy a cheap android box and regret it!
  14. No. Should work on any platform Kind of why I referred you back to the post as it says you need to use Flirc's harmony profile. Did Flirc previously work?
  15. Gah! Just lost a massive response i'd just typed. Will get to this when I get back from work (~8 hours)
  16. I'm a bit puzzled. I've wrote the steps required to do this in the post you've linked to. Have I made a mistake? You've followed the steps?:
  17. Chris!

    WMC + XBMC

    That's why i'm around here still - love Jason's product and Flirc business!
  18. Like XBMC there is no keymap there by default - if you want to change keyboard shortcuts then you can put a keyboard xml there. Problem is knowing what plex use. Really wouldn't mind finding a github of default xml for the keymap. I get confused when I look around Elan's github - found a kind of keyboard thing: https://github.com/elan/plex/blob/laika/keymapping.txt but I don't think that's what we're looking for
  19. Agreed. They've not been particularly helpful in the posts i've seen - which is a shame: Random thread: http://forums.plexapp.com/index.php/topic/70860-plex-keyboard-shortcuts-on-osx/ Thread I made on the plex forums: http://forums.plexapp.com/index.php/topic/74334-default-keymaps-for-keyboard/ As plex shares stuff with XBMC I tried looking in the application support on mac where the keymaps for XBMC would be usually but there was nothing :( Not sure how to proceed.
  20. It's pre-programmed. You don't have to assign the keys using the flirc gui - only upload the beta firmware. Is it not working?
  21. Flirc is program once, use anywhere. Eventghost is windows only software - it doesn't install anything on Flirc. You'll need a windows computer to use it. For more info: http://www.eventghost.org/
  22. If you use the new firmware but use the TV profile instead () that way you can assign a wake button and custom keys. But you lose the great response time of our specially tweaked profile. Unfortunately as both me and Jason have full time jobs development is slow (not that I do any development) - it will get sorted though :) Happy Flirc-ing
  23. At the moment everything in the xbmc preset in the flirc GUI and some more (I counted 52 buttons in total). I gave the profile a try a long time ago and been using it without wake etc - though forum posts lead me to believe that buttons can't be remapped to wake. You could try this if you like. I was talking to Jason about getting custom buttons added which he approved of
  24. No. It's already synced up. You just need the software to upgrade the firmware (which it should do automatically on first run) Not sure the Flirc harmony profile has custom keys in it yet... we're working on that - hence why it's still in beta.
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