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  1. My issue was not just a bad USB port but a combination of a weird USB port problem and that my remote lost it's device config for the DVR-AUX button. Plus the USB port that I was using is not "bad" it seems. It still works fine if I plug in another USB device. It just doesn't work with the flirc correctly.
  2. I'll post an update that I got my issues resolved and how I came about the solution in the hopes in may help someone else. First thing is that the remote I am using is an RCA RCRN04GR remote. (Under $10.00 US) http://www.rcaaudiovideo.com/remotes/4-5-devices/?sku=RCRN04GR XBMC is running under Windows 8 64-bit. My flirc was not plugged directly into the USB port but at the end of a USB cable that ran from the PC up to the TV. I set it up this way because the line of sight to flirc is blocked if plugged directly into the back of the PC plus it I like it better When I can point the remote at the TV instead of off to the side where the PC sits. After about 3 weeks of testing I found that: 1) my USB port had gone bad. Not completely. Just enough to screw everything up. 2) my remote had lost the device that was programmed into the DVR-AUX button. That combo made for some very confusing things when trying to get it to work. I reprogrammed the remote for the DVR-AUX button as a DIRECTV Satellite box which does not interfere with my actual DirecTV satellite box. Code number for this remote is 51609 that I used. This allowed to program all of the buttons on the remote, even the colored media keys. And I plugged the USB cable into a different USB port. Cleared the configuration and programmed all of the keys from scratch. Working perfectly now. And the 2nd Flirc that was working but then couldn't get to program when plugged into the bad USB port? Once I plugged it into good USB port I was able to restore the config and it is now working again.
  3. Restoring a profile does not work for me. And I can reprogram, for example, the up button and it says it recorded it successfully. Then try the remote in XBMC. Some times it will work for a few clicks and then stop working. Other times it will not work at all. Most times if I record the action multiple times until it finally tells me it is already recorded it seems like it might work for a longer period of time and then quit working again. But I can't reprogram all of the keys I need because it will tell me "No more space for new buttons" so programming those keys multiple time are using up space on the flirc. The first flirc was working fine and two weeks ago Saturday I was using it and pressed the pause button. When I came back and tried to resume none of the keys on the remote were working any longer. The first thing I tried to do was to restore my saved profile. It didn't work so that is when I tried to start over, clear the configuration, and program the remote. The second flirc was a working remote that I decided to reprogram just to confirm that the first flirc had possibly went bad. But now I have the same issue with that one. I have a third flirc that is still working and I dare not try to reprogram that one.
  4. Same issues here on two different flircs. I've tried reprogramming them on Mac OS X 10.8.5, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and I've tried all of the different versions of the flirc software and upgrading, downgrading firmware, clearing configurations, etc... On the Mac with the latest firmware I get the message that the key presses were recorded but I can program them over and over and over but the they never get stored in the flirc, i.e...trying the recorded buttons with the remote give no result in XBMC. Occasionally a button on the remote will do something but it is never the the correct action that was recording. For example, pressing the up button will occasionally give me a left or right button response. BTW, issuing "Clear configuration" say it clears it but it never does.
  5. I got the keys I programmed as "Backspace" and "Escape" to work by using the attached "keyboard.xml" file that someone had posted at the XBMC forums. Well, not perfectly as both keys do backspace but it is good enough. The Flirc controlled remote even works for navigating around the Android OS with the arrow keys and the enter and exit keys. Pretty sweet setup now. Edit: oh yeah, with the above "keyboard.xml" file the Rii mini keyboard keys (Escape, backspace, and shift) still don't work within XBMC but the Flirc remote does. keyboard.xml
  6. Hate to keep dredging this up but I received my new Flirc and programmed my DirecTV remote on the Windows 8 PC. I programmed the "Exit" button on the remote as "Escape" and programmed the "Back" key on the remote as "Backspace". It works flawlessly in XBMC on the Windows 8 PC. Then I unplug the Flirc and move it to my MK808 mini PC with Android 4.1.1 running XBMC "libstagefright" build posted by Koying above. Everything works great except the "Exit" button and "Back" button do absolutely nothing on the Android setup of XBMC. And those keys do work as Escape and Backspace in other applications on the MK808. They just don't work within XBMC. Any ideas? (I am pretty sure this is not a Flirc problem but just fishing if anyones expertise here may shed some light on what the issue may be)
  7. Installed the "libstagefright" build linked by koying but no joy. Backspace and Escape still do nothing...only within XBMC though, and the shift key gives me a left arrow on my mini wireless keyboard.
  8. Thanks for that info koying. Chris!, I will try it. Probably not before tomorrow though. Real work beckons at the moment. I'll post back here after I try it though.
  9. I have one Flirc that when it is either unplugged and plugged back in or the PC is rebooted it will only be recognized for one click of the remote and then it disappears from device manager. I have found through trial and error if once I plug it in and launch the Flirc GUI and re-install firmware it will work fine until it is unplugged or the PC is rebooted and then I have to re-install the firmware again to get it to work. It is on a Windows 8 PC where I use it most but I was hoping to be able to unplug the Flirc and plug it into the Android mini PC hooked up to another TV but once it is unplugged from the Windows 8 PC and plugged into the Android device it does not work which I assume is because of the problem explained above with unplugging the device or rebooting the PC and not being able to install the firmware on the Android device. Any ideas?
  10. I don't have Ouya but a MK808 mini PC with Android 4.1.1 running XBMC 12.2. The keyboard I am using is a Rii mini Wireless Keyboard/Mouse. Here is one of the threads at the XBMC forums about this issue: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=158874&highlight=escape+key And like I said, those keys work fine elsewhere in Android and other applications. It is just XBMC where they do not work correctly.
  11. There is definitely an issue with XBMC Android and the Escape, Backspace, and the shift key. They work in Android 4.1.1 in all apps except XBMC. There have been quite a few posts about this issue over at the XBMC forums but no solution that I've found.
  12. Trying to get this to work and I can get it to work but the buttons also work on the DirecTV receiver at the same time which is not a good thing as it is changing things on the DirecTV receiver while I am using the remote for XBMC. How can I make it so it will only work with XBMC and have no effect on the DirecTV receiver?
  13. Thanks for that info. I'll need it as soon as my Flirc gets here.
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