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  1. It's definitely a remote issue. Now that I've programmed the Toshiba codes into my Marantz learning remote, the Marantz is doing great. Navigating Windows Media Center using my standard television remote control is AWESOME!!! On a side note, the FLIRC seems to have better IR sensitivity than my receiver. :lol: Thanks for being so responsive.
  2. So tonight I dug deep into the drawer of unused remote controls and pulled out a Toshiba HD-DVD player remote. This thing is working like a champ with FLIRC. The only thing that isn't working is programming the Play, Pause, Stop, and some other buttons using the Windows Media Center view in the GUI. I'm not sure what the Windows Media Center view is mapping those buttons to, but when I go to the full keyboard view and program Control-Shift-P (for example) the play button works great. Now I'm going to program the Toshiba IR codes into the learning Marantz remote. Hopefully my problem will be solved now. I guess the default Marantz IR codes are funky.
  3. Thank you for looking into this. I really appreciate the help. I want to make this work because I think it's going to make the HTPC much easier for my wife and me to use. So I ran 2 tests just now - using only the up, down, left, and right buttons. The first test seemed to leave the remote working decently well. After the second test, the right still wasn't working. Test 1 cleared everything Up Up - duplicate down down - duplicate right right - duplicate left left left - duplicate up up up - duplicate 2 cleared everything up up - duplicate right right right right right right - duplicate (i might have done one less before getting the duplicate) down down - duplicate left left left - duplicate up - duplicate The remote control I'm using is a Marantz RC011SR. Now I'll program all the buttons and upload those results. Is there anything else that I can provide that would help? The Marantz remote control is a learning remote, so if I can make one of the other remotes I have laying around the house work, I can program the Marantz to learn those commands. 1 my_flirc_config.fcfg 2 my_flirc_config.fcfg
  4. I just tried programming my Marantz remote again using the GUI and here's something that I'm seeing. For example, if I program the Up key - I can program it 3 times in a row (not always. The number of times seems kind of random) Then it starts giving me the "Button Already Exists" message. I move on to other buttons and then eventually got back to the Up key. Sometimes, after programming other buttons, I can program the Up key again. Unfortunately when I open Notepad and start testing up, down, left, right, enter, most of the time when I hit a button on my remote, nothing happens.
  5. I ordered a Flirc a few weeks ago and it arrived today. I excitedly started setting it up for my Windows Media Center PC. The GUI was pretty intuitive and everything seemed to go ok - until I started testing the remote out in notepad. Half of the number keys that I'd programmed weren't doing anything and I was also missing a few of the other keys. I went back to the GUI and was surprised to see that it allowed me to program the keys again without giving me the "Button Already Exists" error message. For a while, it seemed like every few buttons I'd program, when I went back and tried to program the button a second time, sometimes it would let me program the same button again. Eventually, I got the keys programmed in and then discovered that using Notepad, sometimes the key pressed would work - and other times it wouldn't. Sometimes it seemed like there was a big lag. My remote was right next to the FLIRC, so it couldn't be a bad signal. Also, when programming the keys, the GUI always responded quickly. So then, I wondered if maybe my remote control was not compatible with FLIRC, so I pulled out my TIVO remote. That too seems to be having the same problem of disappearing programmed keys and lag. Any suggestions? Did I get a bad unit? The strange thing to me is that the GUI responds very quickly when I push a button on the remote to program a key. It just seems to forget randomly. I tried running the FLIRC GUI on a seperate computer and I had similar results. 2 different computers, 2 different remote controls. HELP! :( My primary remote control is a Marantz RC011SR. It comes with the Marantz SR7005 receiver. This remote is a learning remote, so I can program the keys to do anything. Currently I'm using most of they keys as the default "satellite" remote control.
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