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  1. Here's a workaround: First off, I just received my flirc in the mail today. Its a great product. Much faster then the rosewill WMC remote I was using and allows me to use my comcast universal remote (which IMO is a great remote) http://www.replaceme...te-Control.html Everything works great except for the skip back/forward as detailed in this thread. So close to perfect yet so far away! But here's a solution until (if?) there's a fix by Jason: The short version: Use autohotkey, map ctrl+f and ctrl+b to a different key, map flirc to that key. The walkthrough: -Download and install the autohotkey program at http://www.autohotkey.com -Use windows explorer (start -> computer) to select a folder in which you'd like to create and store the hotkey scripts (in my case I used the autohotkey folder in the program files directory) -Now create a script. right click in the windows explorer and select new -> autohotkey script. Rename this one 'back' or whatever you want to call it. Double click on the newly created file and notepad should open up. -Keep the header text, below that type "(:: Send ^b" note:remove the quotes -this will make the script execute a control + b when the ( key (or shift + 9) is hit. -Save the file. Close the file, double click on the file which will execute the autohotkey program and make the hot key active (an 'H' icon will appear in your taskbar). -Do the same process for the 'skip' file, except this time the text written in the script will be "):: Send ^f" Save and double click to execute. -Now the "(" and ")" keys can be mapped in flirc to be the back and skip functions on your remote. -Test in WMC to verify that back and skip now work. -To make the scripts automatically load during startup, click start button -> all programs -> right click on startup and select "open for all uses" this will open up a windows explorer window. copy the back and skip script files from the folder you placed them in and right click in the startup window and paste shortcut. -Your Flirc remote is now complete.
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