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  1. Solved! According to Logitech, it's not possible to issue continuous commands by pressing and holding the button, when you have assigned different functions for this button depending on whether you short or long press the button: http://forums.logitech.com/t5/Harmony-Hub-Based-Remotes/X1-box-holding-down-page-up-down-button-doesn-t-scroll-through/m-p/1352505#M17478 Based on the above I assigned the Page Up command for both the short and long presses of the ChannelUp/PageUp remote button on MyHarmony and this fixed it.
  2. Yes, they are the default Page Up / Page Down commands from the Flirc/Kodi device on MyHarmony. Would I be able to reprogram the Page Up / Page Down buttons on the Flirc GUI Full Keyboard profile? Can I just erase them and press the "Page Up" and "Page Down" buttons on my actual keyboard in order for Flirc to remap them / relearn them correctly?
  3. Actually, I just noticed something else. After mapping the keys from the Flirc Full Keyboard profile to my Harmony, Page Down works but only for a single occurrence. Obviously, the Page Up/Down buttons in MyHarmony are configured for long press. The correct behaviour would be for Kodi to do Page Ups or Downs for as long as you kept the remote buttons pressed, pretty much like it behaves when you keep continuously pressing the Page Up or Page Down on your keyboard... Can we somehow resemble that behaviour?
  4. Hi yawor, thanks for your time. What I meant was that I believe that the Flirc profiles (Kodi and Full Keyboard) have the wrong commands for Page Up and Page Down themselves. I did what you said to to confirm that this applies to the Full Keyboard profile as well; Fired up Flirc GUI, went to Full Keyboard profile, pressed the Page Up button and then pressed the respective Page Up command on my Harmony Ultimate Remote. It recorded successfully but the result is the same; Kodi does not do a Page Up or a Page Down when I press the respective remote buttons. Is there a way to teach the correct commands to the Flirc GUI profiles? Can I click on these two buttons on the profile, erase them and then simply press the Page Up and Page Down keyboard keys to reprogram?
  5. Hi all, I seem to have a problem with the built in Kodi profile of Flirc and Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote. I added flirc as a device to MyHarmony software, mapped the "Page Up" and "Page Down" commands to the respective remote buttons, but they don't seem to work. All the other default commands seem to work fine, so it seems that only these two commands are not correctly learned in the Kodi profile. Can somebody please help me out with a way to correctly add / alter these two commands to the Kodi profile?
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