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  1. Hi All, Tried this on my new Win7 HTPC and it works to put the machine to sleep. I did have one issue whereby you need to put the shortcut somewhere in the users Start Menu folder structure (otherwise it doesn't work). I found that answer somewhere on the net. Now the problemm is, I can't get Flirc to wake it back up. I think the root cause of this is that the keyboard it presents to the Windows OS doesn't have a power management tab (as mentioned previously), I've googled it a bit and it would seem that it's a driver\device issue given that most of the responses to fix it are to update\reinstall drivers, but these are on normal keyboard devices. Does anyone else have a Power Management Tab on their Flirc keyboard device?
  2. I'm having the same issue with my brand new AsRock Z77E-ITX board. I plugged the Flirc into the front ports on my box (which are wired to USB3 on board) and as with the previous posters, the device is recognised by windows (W7) and everything looks sweet, but the Flirc software doesn't detect that it's connected. So I disconnected and tried the rear ports (Also USB3) and I got it to detect once (but stupid me decided to keep playing around), and once I'd connected it back to the front ports and confirmed again it didn't work, when I plugged it back into the rear ports it failed to detect again there too! I've since rebooted, tried all manor of combinations but the software will not connect, so I'm basically stuck. My board doesn't have any USB2 ports, so I don't have that option. Help!
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