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  1. I am also unable to update my firmware. Tried the firmware update proceedure above, software shows the remote is in DFU mode but does not prompt for a firmware update. When I hit sync it just shows an error occured.
  2. I have a similar issue but all I want to do is change the repeat delay. When the OS boots libinput reads from the firmware the repeat_delay and repeat_rate. GetRepeat - delay: 250ms repeat: 33ms for flirc.tv flirc Keyboard (event5) kbdrate can normally set the repeat rate and delay time, however if your not running Xorg and you let a program take control of the flirc keyboard device, it does not allow you to manually set the keyboard delay/repeat unless the program supports setting it manually, however most do not. It would be nice if you could set the repeat rate and repeat delay that the FLIRC USB device reports to the OS when setting up the FLIRC USB.
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