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  1. Did you press one of the A, B or C buttons and the the power on? The power on/off depends on what you setup under A, B or C.
  2. I noticed that after setting up an Apple TV the play/pause button is not attached to the button by default, if I am correct. It seems the play action is attached. Would be more helpful to have the play/pause action attached to the play/pause button. Just a small suggestion from my end. :)
  3. You can set the power button to turn on/off devices when pressing the power button. You can select the devices when setting up of the A, B or C buttons.
  4. Will there come an extra version of the remote with more activity buttons? I don't have enough with A, B and C. :-D
  5. That would be great. The startup procedure now seems to work. Only have to turn off everything before selecting a new activity. Not having to power everything off and back on to make the switch, would be great.
  6. Oh wauw! The startup finally seems to work! This is excellent!
  7. We talked about devices not turning on when pressing the power button because of a macro. I do notice however, that the macro works, when turning devices off. When I set 2 devices to turn off, when I press the power button, they both turn off. What is the difference between turning them on / off in the macro?
  8. echo -e "{\n \"showAdminPanel\": true\n}" > ~/.config/SkipApp/config.json The above command does not work here in MacOS. I had to manually copy the json file from the opening post to my user dir and the given path.
  9. I am not sure this is the right topic, but I have an issue with power on mode for Samsung TV's. When setting up my remote, I used the "Power On" instead of the power toggle function. I don't want the remote to power toggle my TV, when it's on. In that case it would turn off the tv. So, I replace the power toggle with power on. But it seems the power on is not working. The Samsung tv's in my house, only function with power toggle.
  10. Thanks for the update. Seems a lot more stable now and does not crash (so far).
  11. Where are future updates posted? Only on this forum or is there an official Mastodon account too, where it’s posted?
  12. Good to hear you were able to reproduce the error. Good luck making a fix!
  13. Thanks. Although it feels like a work-around, I can live with it for now. :-)
  14. The remote config you mean? Sure, here it is. Slaapkamer.skip
  15. Have new use case that can crash the app. I have attached a movie. When you try to open the dialog window on a button that has no action attached to it, it crashes. Something different then above, but thought it could be helpful. Schermopname 2023-02-25 om 13.53.56.mov
  16. The software seems to work better right now. Where it would stop with errors before, it keeps running now. I have done some adjustments the remote. Before it would stop often, but it keeps running now. So, it's better. Still don't understand why it stopped in the above use case.
  17. Success! The misc option for Microsoft and MCE Media Center works! :-) Thank you!
  18. While I had the software running in the background and was typing the above reply, the software suddenly stopped. I noticed the change in my dock, als the app stopped out of the blue.
  19. Are you sure the software is new? Filesize seems the same? I have a use case that caused the software to stop. I did not get any sync errors, like I did before. So that is a plus and a step forward. I do have the issue that at or right after the sync, the software returned to the start screen. Case: 1. Remove the apple from the computer 2. Do a clean install 3. Connect the remote and set it up 4. Setup TV as activity A. 5. Only choose a TV and sync. - Success 6. Add an extra activity 7. Select a TV 8. Select a settopbox 9. Set the controls for navigation and media/music 10. Set the controls for volume to tv 11. Choose sync - Success 12. Add an extra activity 13. Select a TV 14. Select a console 15. Set the controls for navigation and media/music 16. Set the controls for volume to tv 17. Choose sync - Failure After step 17, the software returns to the homescreen of the app and shows the wizard.
  20. Ah thanks. I did not see the misc section. Going to have a look at it.
  21. Thanks. I will test this tomorrow and let you know how it is going.
  22. Done that before, but as soon as the app crashes on a sync, there is a new remote visible. :-) I'll wait for the fix.
  23. Can this be a firmware issue? When I received my remote and started playing with it, it initially seemed to work fine. When I upgraded my remote to version x.10, it broke.
  24. What I also notice, that after every crash the software suddenly says I have two remotes. I wish I had, but only have one. :-D. The bottom one is actually my remote. The other one just shows up out of nothing after a crash.
  25. Tried this too. I see the same. I startup my shield, then the TV and then the HDMI input to 2 after 10 seconds. The Shield + TV is turned on, but the TV does not switch to HDMI input 2.
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