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  1. I went to sync my remote after using the updater to upgrade the to the latest 4.12.12 firmware and it prompted me to upgrade the remote. I tried to downgrade to 4.12.11 and then update it from that firmware but no luck. Everytime I get an error has occurred. Everytime this happens the remote gets stuck in DFU mode and I have to manually update the firmware with the updater app to get the remote responsive. If I launch the app again it prompts me to upgrade the remote and the same thing happens everytime. flirc20230611.log
  2. You do realize that is the same location that I put in right? Only difference is it looks different. Windows takes you to the exact same folder. Anyways, I just tested this and I can confirm after updating to 0.9.70 it is working now.
  3. I apologize, I was going to add all the specifics at the end and just posted it. The TV I have is a Vizio OLED 55-H1 just for the case of having all the information I do have a Bose Soundbar 500 (all the buttons work with the soundbar). The TV enter button is set to enter like it always has been since I first set the remote up and it’s been working ever since a week ago now.
  4. I have came across an issue with the remote. The enter button for the TV I have programed no longer works, every other single button works on the remote I can do everything but use the enter button. I have tried to downgrade the firmware to 4.12.10 but that just caused the updater to crash at 16% every time I tried. I had to take the batteries out to get it back into a DFU state. I flashed 4.12.11 Beta firmware that I was on and that worked fine. I also reset all the configurations on the remote to factory settings and set the remote back up. During setup I noticed that when I tested the buttons nothing worked. I procceded to configure the remote with known settings from before. Everything worked except the enter button for the remote. Even reinstalling the latest 0.9.69 Beta app and setting up the remote doesnt work.
  5. I have been trying to get admin mode enabled on the skip app but it doesn't seem to be working on windows 11. I have placed the config file you have floating around in multiple disscusions in the specified place %localappdata%\Packages\SkipApp_sddpyax1dmvqm\LocalState\ There is no wrench or panel to access it.
  6. I have a Bose soundbar 500 and your missing buttons, there is a bluetooth, TV, and music button at the top that is not in your database.
  7. Yeah, I just launched the 0.9.4 beta and it prompted to update. Never really saw anything in the 0.9.2 but I guess I just was too quick for it to actually prompt me. Anyway, about the Jira and trello. I beleive you can make private sections on trello too and keep internal seperate from public release notes/fixes. I completely understand you are pretty busy and this takes a lot of your time. I was just throwing out an idea.
  8. May I suggest a trello board for current bugs/fixes in progress/feature updates. Also, I was wondering if the windows app was going to have a way of being updated without visiting the forums everytime an update is out.
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