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  1. I will try. What should I do about the "Pause" and "Play" button? I select them, press on the remote, the app says "Recorded successfully" but it still does not work. Neither the App nor the real Kodi. But "Stop", "Up", "Down" etc. it works without problem.
  2. I bought a flirc to control my mediea center (Kodi Matrix) with my bloody default MCE IR Remote which works perfect with OnBoard IR and EventGhost. While most keys are working out of the box with the Flirc USB (2.0 | Firmware 4.9.3 | Gui 3.25.3/4) I am not able to record Play, Stop, Pause and Power Button. So Kodi cannot be shutdown and the PC cannot be woken up. Which are deal-breakers. Also the "WAKE" buttom from the Full Keyboard cannot be programmed. Sorry to say, but the software seems to be green bananas... a pity.
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