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  1. Same as above. I have a newly purchased Flirc USB v2. Load I downloaded was: "Flirc-Setup-3.25.4", but after install GUI "About" command shows : Flirc GUI Version: v3.25.3 Git Version: 3.25.3-15-gc366d26+ Gt Branch: (detached Based on Qt 5+ The alert box advising of new s/w availability looks as per attached screenshot:
  2. I'm unable to get play, pause, or TogglePower working on my Harmony 650 remote control, when controlling Flirc v2 USB on NVIDIA Shield TV Pro (2019). The Flirc & Shield are newly purchased. I haven't tested exhaustively yet, but other functions seem to be okay. (I am able to work around lack of Shield power-up by adding "DirectionDown" & "DirectionUp" commands to the end of the Activity Startup Command list used by my Shield activity. Haven't yet found a way to explicitly power-down the Shield though).
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