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  1. I run Linux Mint 20.04 on a MythTV frontend on an ASUS PN50 mini-PC. As the Consumer Infrared isn't fully supported for my PC, I opted for FLIRC USB. I've used several WMC remotes and they all have problems with keys being "already mapped". These include the "OK" key, the "Back" key, the Volume Up key and the Channel Up key. The issue occurs with the GUI. I've tried and failed to run the commandline version, but it fails looking for the "libreadline6" library, which is out of date and not available for my platform, which is on libreadline8. I've tried disabling the HDMI CEC feature from the BIOS, but that doesn't help. I should note that I run a wireless Logitech keyboard and mouse via the Logitech unified USB controller. Is it possible there is a conflict with the device mapping due to those peripherals?
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