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  1. Also, the device will not boot into bootloader mode because the bootloader was wiped. That means, if I hold down the button and then plug it in, it still will not go into bootloader mode. lsusb, dmsg, and the like do not detect the device. NOTHING works.
  2. I have a jeff probe. I tried to update the probe to what I thought was a newer firmware version. Since there is very little documentation and community support, I used the firmware for the native black magic probe. This bricked the device but left the bootloader. While I was trying to get the probe back to it's original state, the bootloader got wiped as well. I have searched everywhere for a prebuilt copy of the firmware but it doesn't seem to exist. I found the repository github.com/flirc/blackmagic. No matter what I try, I can't get it to build. It always errors out before the firmware is built. I tried going to your support page and download page for the jeff probe but it is always "under construction." I lost usb functionality with the bootloader but I have it hooked up to the bus pirate using open ocd. Please, I need a copy of the prebuilt firmware to restore the device.
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