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  1. Hello! Please DO make this little C-sending-tool. I am about to do so and I still have troubles compiling under Windows and MinGW. If I succeed I will post my work here. Hopefully somebody is faster than me ;) Thanks!
  2. Hello! I am about to use the SDK for that purpose. If the CWD could do it, it would be just wonderful - but my research so far suggests: No, only possible by calling API-function: fl_transmit_raw() I hope I am wrong and somebody knows a trick how to send using CMD. Thanks! UPDATE: Just found that a recent version of the CMD-tool does have some (slow?!) sending-command: flirc_util.exe help sendir But this is new (great) info for me and I need to test. I think slow does not matter in my case. So that would be great if it worked. Somebody knows more?!
  3. Hello! Thank You so much, Flirc team, for this great little thing! I need to receive and send IR-commands to make my good old parents be able to 'Skype' on their TV. I am C programmer, so I am not worried (yet) about using that API-command. (Will use a Mini-PC with Win in order to allow Skype or Whatsapp to run.) Please allow me two questions: a) Will it work to use a cheap USB-powered IR-repeater to catch the signal from the Flirc (Gen 2) and send it out stronger again? b) Do you have some time-estimate when Generation 3 will come out with a full-featured 'IR Command Sending'? Thanks you so much!!! All (=) Love, Ernesto ~:) PS: Welcome to co-realize this project I need for my parents...
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