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  1. Hello Jürgen, The results members on this forum are not the same as we don't all have the same Harmony remote. For instance, I also have a Sunrise UHD box, flirc v2, but a harmony hub. You can't just pick one config file recorded for a Harmony hub, flash it and expect it works for your Hamony one. if you follow my recommendation on my previous post, you should be able to configure almost all your buttons. It's not perfect. You'll miss buttons like "Netflix". But it will work for normal TV. A the end, it's your call to define how strongly you need to use only one remote. Tim
  2. Hello Stuart, I'm no expert on this one, but in my understanding: Basically, you will use the FLIC to translate the codes sent by the Harmony into codes the Sunrise Box understands. To achieve this, you could use any profile from the harmony and still make it work. That is why we see multiple config files (multiple starting profile, different Harmony remotes). I suggest you: Choose an Harmony profile. Sagem or Sunrise. I let you chose. Have your Harmony remote ready and loaded with the profile + your Flirc ready on your Mac Send the "flirc_util record_api" commands one by one and for each, press the appropriate button on your remote. When finished, you should get your flirc receiver ready. As said by a few of us, some buttons like Netflix, or else are missing. I personally suffer from double pushed buttons, but it seems better when my receiver is a bit hidden. Hope this helps you.
  3. Hello Raphi, I'm wondering how you did program it yourself. I would be glad if you can describe more in details how you did it? I have a flirc v2, an Harmony hub and and Windows PC. Thanks in advance! edit: Just figured out there's a flirc_util.exe file here "C:\Program Files (x86)\Flirc". This is how you launch and test commands for your special key like "recordings, etc". A description can be found here. edit2: I figured out most of my issues, now. Just got an annoying repetition of some keys, but it's acceptable. On Harmony app: I added the Sunrise box: Manufacturer: Sunrise Model: type here what you want When my Harmony was configured, I took my hub to my PC to have it in front of my Flirc USB. Then, I manually configured each keys by launching the flirc_util record_api commands of the 1st post of this thread, and pressing the button on the remote to record them. For the number, I used the "Full Keyboard" profil on the Flirc GUI to record them. My configuration would miss the "netflix" button. I don't know how to find the right key ID to record it. Probably a Linux machine with logging enabled to find what code is generated by the original Bluetooth remote. Flirc - Config 2020-11-14-06.fcfg
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