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Sunrise TV Box UHD + Logitech Harmony or any universal remote


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I configured Flirc to control the Sunrise TV Box UHD (Swiss internet provider).

This box is manufactured by Sagemcom (DIW384 UHD) and is controlled by a bluetooth remote.


Below the list of all remote command that I found using the command line function:


Power flirc_util record_api 48 102
red flirc_util record_api 105 102
green flirc_util record_api 106 102
yellow flirc_util record_api 108 102
blue flirc_util record_api 107 102
TV Guide flirc_util record_api 141 102
Back/Cancel flirc_util record_api 70 102
Info flirc_util record_api 149 102
OK flirc_util record_api 65 102
UP flirc_util record_api 66 102
DOWN flirc_util record_api 67 102
LEFT flirc_util record_api 68 102
RIGHT flirc_util record_api 69 102
Recordings flirc_util record_api 153 102
Menu flirc_util record_api 64 102
Volume up flirc_util record_api 233 102
Volume down flirc_util record_api 234 102
Mute flirc_util record_api 226 102
Channel UP flirc_util record_api 156 102
Channel Down flirc_util record_api 157 102
Play/Pause flirc_util record_api 205 102
Fast forward flirc_util record_api 179 102
Fast rewind flirc_util record_api 180 102
REC flirc_util record_api 178 102
Next flirc_util record_api 181 102
Back flirc_util record_api 182 102


The keypad can be programmed using the Flirc application and by simulating a standard keyboard.

Thanks to yawor for his post explaning this function : 

Config for the logitech Harmony HUB

This is the last config I am using now : https://www.dropbox.com/s/mptca2zqjcqvtmd/Sunrise_Flirc.fcfg?dl=0

You can use the config file without learning the commands (they are saved in the flirc config file).

  1. flash your Flirc dongle from the PC or MAC with the config file
  2. Connect the Flirc to the usb port of the sunrise tv box. Make sure that the harmony hub can send the IR signal to Flirc dongle.
  3. Add the sunrise tv box from the harmony application :IMG_9662.jpg.16fa45b544b4014b10612d21a80a44da.jpg
  4. Now you can validate that it works in the next screen from the harmony application :IMG_9663.jpg.25b5fd841f909714ebfb0ea240e01948.jpg



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Add config file and Harmony application config
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Thank you for sharing your work with the community.

Unfortunately it doesn't work for me :-(

  1. I connect my Flirc USB to my computer.
  2. I open the Flirc app. The app upgraded the firmware of the USB key.
  3. I go to the menu File > Load configuration and I select your file "Sunrise_Flirc.fcfg"
  4. The app confirmed "File restored".
  5. I connect the Flirc USB to the Sunrise UHD TV box
  6. I follow your instructions by adding the Sunrise Tv box as new device to my harmony remote
  7. When the Harmony app tries to turn on the device, it doesn't work. I checked that one of the IR emitter of the Harmony Hub is placed in front of the Flirc USB.

But it doesn't work.....very frustating

Did I forgot something ?

Thank you in advance for your help.


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Hi Christo976,

You can test adding the command using : flirc_util record_api 48 102

Zwickel found that the command can be different for the recording. I don't know if there is difference in the Sunrise UHD TV box soft.

You can try replacing the command 48 by the numbers next to it.

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Bonjour a.l3881 !

Merci beaucoup pour ces informations !
Je suis comme Christo976. J'ai fait toutes les étapes de l'installation. Mais rien ne se passe, la TV Box ne s'allume pas.

J'utilise une Harmony 650, sans HUB.

Google translate :

Hello a.l3881 !

Thank you for this information !
I'm like Christo976. I did all the steps of the installation. But nothing happens, the TV Box does not turn on.

I use a Harmony 650, without HUB

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Christo976, Dany Schibli,

I had some problem with Power On and Power Off the Sunrise TV Box UHD also. I tried to change flirc_util record_api 48 102 by 47 or 49 but it didn't work.

In fact, the Sunrise box was powering on but I couldn't get any sound or image.

I realised that my A/V receiver (Onkyo TX-NR-535) was bugging the Sunrise Box (especially when powering off). Despite I deactivated all "HDMI through" function of my devices, or even when I activated them, it was still bugging.

My configuration was like that: Sunrise TV Box UHD <-HDMI-> Onkyo <-HDMI-> TV

I changed like that now: Sunrise TV Box UHD <-HDMI-> TV <-Optical-> Onkyo. So for now it works. But I don't know if I could get Dolby Sourround or DTS sound in that configuration.


All this to say to check your A/V receiver if you have one and make some trials by bypassing it.

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The power command woks for my config but I keep the sunrise TV BOX always ON and switch OFF only the TV when I end the Sunrise activity in the Harmony config.

I use this config because my TV and the the sunrise TV BOX are sometime desynchronized (one is ON and the other is OFF) when the activity start or end.

So if the others commands works, you can just switch ON the sunrise TV BOX with the sunrise remote and keep it always ON. 

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Hello and thanks a lot for the help, my sunrise uhd box is partically working, but unfortunately is my „back“ button not working as it should. in the menu i can exit with the back button on my harmony elite, but i can‘t go back in menus where it shoud really trigger the „back“ command and not the „exit“. 

i already tested some settings by the line command and record_api, but i never get the right record_api numbers in the command line.

what‘s the best way to get the right number for the command? 

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Hello maisen20 and Pether,

I found these code by pairing the Flirc with an old remote control, and tested all the possible number for the command record_api xxx 120 (from 0 to 255).

For the Back/Exit command, I found just one command number (flirc_util record_api 70 102). Sorry maisen20, I did't found the back specific number.

For the OK command, I found two command number (flirc_util record_api 65 102 and flirc_util record_api 132 102)

I don't use Netflix, so I cannot confirm if it works, but you can try the second command for "OK"  flirc_util record_api 132 102


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