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  1. update: The parts have been ordered, and i'll expect to test it mid next week.
  2. I've got such a port in my MSI z87-g45 gaming motherboard, I'm still running with the quite competent i7 4790k :)
  3. Hi all Let me start by saying I've never used the flirc v2 before, I'm looking for a bit of guidance. What I am trying to do: My idea was to connect the flirc to the ps/2 port in my PC, cause my motherboard only allows me to power on the PC from s5(complete shutdown) via ps/2. Via USB I can only wake it from S3. So, here's my question, has anyone tried connecting the Flirc v2 via a ps/2 to female USB adapter and getting it to work ? Thanks a lot.
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