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  1. First of all, thanks for the development of FLIRC and active forum support. Quite a cool little dongle. I've been reading trough most of this thread and also through the manual. Unfortunately, I cannot get to work what should be a very simple application of FLIRC. My setup: Nvidia Shield TV (2017), FLIRC connectde to the USB of the Shield, ATV Remote (gen 2, silver one). I've updated the FLIRC dongle to the latest firmware by connecting it to my Macbook and launching the FLIRC config tool. I'd prefer to use the ATV Remote to control the Shield. I don't want to use the Shield remote control at all (planning to unpair it). I am only looking for basic features. I'd need some help with a step-by-step guide. 1) Do I need to program the keys? I tried doing so on my Macbook with the tool. But none of the clicks of my ATV remote are getting recognized. Not needed or doing anything wrong? 2) Do I need to do anything to let the Shield know that I'd like to use the FLIRC dongle? Anything to do in the settings? The Shield remote obviously works, but that's blueotooth. Anything to do to activate the dongle and allow control over IR? Anything else I'd need to do? Thanks in advance for your help!
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