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  1. Sure, no problem. First of all, just for future reference, the FLIRC command-line utility has built-in reference for all commands it supports. To view a list of all supported commands, use the "help" command: flirc_util.exe help Please note that I am on Windows, hence the ".exe" part. You may not need it if you are on macOS or Linux. To view reference for a specific command, use the same "help" command, but after it specify the command you need reference for, like this (without the <> brackets): flirc_util.exe help <command> So, when you run: flirc_util.exe help sendir here's what you get: Help for 'sendir' command: usage: sendir <opts> sendir --pattern=0,153,1231,131 --repeat=3 --ik=32000 OPTIONS: -i, --ik set the interkey delay between rep. frames -r, --repeat number of times to repeat pattern -k, --kill kill any currently running transmission -p, --pattern send the comma delimited pattern Which means the correct way of sending out your code, provided that you only need to repeat it once, would be as follows: flirc_util.exe sendir --pattern=0,8978,4384,608,469,608,1592,608,469,608,464,613,1592,608,469,608,464,612,478,608,469,608,464,612,1589,612,465,612,1592,608,1593,612,464,613,473,612,1588,612,465,612,464,612,465,612,465,612,464,608,465,612,477,613,464,608,1592,612,1588,612,1588,612,1588,612,1589,612,1592,612,1592,612 --repeat=1
  2. Actually, please disregard. Figured it out myself. :)
  3. Hi Jason, I am curious about this as well. I am attaching the log of the event I need to send out. Could you please explain how to send it? my_flirc_log.txt
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