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  1. For approx 3 weeks I'm trying to get this Flirc stick to work for me but no success. I'm trying to connect? pair? a Flirc stick with a Harmony 650 and Vodafone Giga TV 4k Box. Which according to Jason shouldnt be any problem. With the latest software even no need to load any keys. What I'm missing the most is a step by step guide ( for the not so fluent user ) to install this little bugger. Jason's instructions finish off with the remark "and you are good to go" where to go? and how ?. Here again goes the Hardware: 1.) Vodafone Giga TV 4k Box.>>>HDMI1>>>>Samsung TV UE40NU7199 2.) Samsung TV >>> HDMI ARC 3>>>>. Deneon AV Receiver X1500. Cmon guys gimme a break and volunteer some help.
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