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  1. Hi Jason, for me, the issue is completely solved now. Unplugging, removing the software and the driver, folllowed by a re-install resulted in flawlessly working system. Due to some bad luck/bad timing, my first experience with flirc was a bit confusing. However, now I also have experience with your great customer support ;) Thanks again, Adri
  2. Some additional information: I re-programmed all keys I needed on my Harmony remote, and pushed some keys on the remote. The result of each key-stroke in the IR-debugging was (a series of digits), followed by 'error, queue full', just like the situation before today's software update. I also add the logfile and my config file. Hopefully it contains information you can use. my_flirc_config.fcfgmy_flirc_log.txt Good luck!
  3. Hi Jason, I did the software update, and the firmware upgrade. After that, I cleared the configuration of my flirc device and re-programmed some keys. However, the flirc still does not accept any of the commands from my Harmony remote. So, it seems for me the issue is not solved yet. Do you have any ideas left? I suppose a downgrade to the last version before 3.25 would do the job.
  4. Hi Jason, found the time to do some logging. logile_1: during programming the keys up-left-down-right logile_2: during pressing the keys up-left-down-right on my remote Also added the config file Good luck! my_flirc_log_1.txtmy_flirc_log_2.txtmy_flirc_config.fcfg
  5. The devil seems to be in the detail here ;) I am busy for the rest of today and part of tomorrow, but I will send my logs within 1 or 2 days. And of course, I will do the re-pair trick. Kind regards, Adri
  6. Hi Jason, thanks for your rapid reply. I am using the metal gen 2 version
  7. Hi all, about a week ago I bought the Flirc usb device, and it worked flawlessly until today. I use the flirc with a Logitech Harmony One remote, to control my (Windows 10) media-pc with Kodi. I was close to a perfectly working system, but had to make two small adjustments. So, I started the software, and was asked to update the software v3.25.0 (from 3.24.3); the firmware was also upgraded. After that, the flirc did not respond to any keystroke from my remote. The system management of Windows 10 showed a USB-device, with an error message: 'could not start'. Before the crash, a Flirc device was listed (as far as I know) I re-installed software, drivers, and tested everything on another pc, but without any result. So, in one instance a wonderful device became completely useless. I even tried an old trick with Zadig software, but that did not work either. A solution would be much appreciated, as a working flirc is really a great device. A firmware downgrade could probably do the job (but I have no access to older firmware, and means to install it), but other solutions are of course also very welcome. Hope to hear from you soon Adri
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