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  1. Hi, i haven't had time to test everything. And now the TV is occupied... But i have tried to manually map keyboard key A to AudioNextLanguage (in keymap xml). After that i recorded an override in your program and mapped "full keyboard" A to the remote press of button with 2 dots. And that works. And O is already defaulted to CodecInfo in Kodi. So i recorded O and pressed DVR on remote. That works as well. But it has to have a mapping in Harmony, if i DVR button has no function in Harmony, i can't override. But shouldn't it work out of the box, with the commands that harmony has preconfigured? Do you know what Harmony remote is sending to Flirc? For example red button sends a key that Kodi sees as 61584. And the function in Kodi, CodecInfo. Is the equivalent of O on the keyboard. (have not tested with the key map editor what Kodi sees when there's no override) But what does Harmony send? And Flirc Receive.
  2. Hi Jason, I've reverted to 4.7.0 and after that my red button works again. I also reverted the pause button to the pause function in harmony software, and that is working also. But the other problem seems to be that the function in Harmony, has no funktion in Flirc-Kodi. If i map my DVR button to "CodecInfo (Flirc Media Player)" Or "AudioNextLanguage (Flirc Media Player)" When i press that button nothing happens. And i cant map it to anything in the keymap editor addon. But if i map the same button (DVR) to "PowerOff (Flirc Media Player). If i press the button, i get the Power Options menu. And i can map the key in key map editor. I have not been using the other buttons before so i don't know if it has ever been working. I just started investigating when my red button stopped working. Thanks for the fast reply
  3. Play and Stop seems to work. But I have some other issues. In the Harmony software, i have added Flirc kodi mediaplayer. In Harmony, my "red" button is assigned to "Red (Flirc Media Player)" My "green" button is "Green (Flirc Media Player) In Kodi, I try to map the buttons with the keymap editor addon. And when i choose the red button nothing happens, but the green or yellow button do work. and maps as for example <key id="61524"> And i can map "Launch Netflix". There are other buttons as well that nothing happens when i try to map them. If i map the button in Harmony, for example The lower + - signs to "SubtitleDelay+/- (Flirc Media Player)". Nothing happends in Kodi when i press them. But i can map them using keymap editor addon. Edit. Buttons not working that i know of RED, DVR Two dots and Four dots. Harmony ONE remote. I cant tell if the problem lies in Flirc or Harmony. Do you need anything else from me logs or so? Same here, i went into the harmony software and set "Play" for the pause key as well, that makes the both buttons work as play/pause. (But it was working without the change before) JoWe
  4. I have the same problem, LibreELEC. Used to work, after upgrade it broke. Using Harmony, so reinstalled everything. But when starting a movie I cant stop, play/pause. Thoose keys i could map in keymap addon. But when trying to map for example the "dot" keys on remote. Nothing happends. Regards
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