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  1. Any word on that firmware so I can get this working?
  2. To update, as I wait for the beta firmware I was playing around a bit with sendir. While I could successfully send a packet from the flirc and the receiver could pick it up, it would eventually stop working with that packet and I would need to capture a new one in order for it to work again. My guess is this is from the encoding used. The problem is when I was attempting to map Volume Up, Down and Mute on a media remote it eventually stops working. So this option is no good... This is too bad as I purchased a Rii MX3 and MX6 for some testing. The MX6 won't learn anything off the Denon remote while the MX3 will but has far fewer keys to learn IR, ie Volume sent over USB and not IR. It looks like my only option might really be to just use the Denon remote with my HTPC if I truly only want one remote.
  3. That's cool!! Take your time, I can wait, I really just wanted to get the discussion going on the options. I also should add, I am looking into using the sendir option too to just remove the need for the Denon remote. But do we need to decode the signals for this too? (Edit: Nevermind, I messed with it a little more and got sendir to control a couple of functions on my Denon too. Again, this is just one more option for me. Once I get the beta firmware and mess with it I'll decide if I want that over using a completely separate remote to control both.)
  4. So I've been using the FLIRC for a year or two now once I got sick and tired of other wireless options always having one issue or another. I've been using it with an old Sony AV remote and it has mostly been okay except for some double key pressed every now and again. Well, I recently bought a Denon ABR-3301CI with a remote RC-1099 and I want to eliminate some remotes. The remote that comes with it has most buttons that I would ever need but there seems to be an issue with FLIRC, it constantly sends two button presses. A quick Google search reveals this post about it. So I am wondering if there is ANY way to get this remote to work right. If not what options do I have? I really don't want to spend $100 on something like a Harmony remote when I could easily live with 15 buttons. I only need to be able to power on my TV, control Kodi and use the volume controls of the Denon. Could I possibly keep using the Sony remote and have FLIRC memorize and transmit to my TV and AMP the four buttons I'd need for those? If there a simple remote out there I can program in a similar way? Any ideas help, thanks!
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