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  1. Hi @Taomyn i think Jason gave a kind of a answer to your problem with the reprogramming of the keys (I had the same problem):
  2. Thank you. Did not know this detail. Unfortunally it still does not work. Is there a way to downgrade back to 4.42, just to be sure that the Flirc still works? Also if i clear the configuration, do i need a configuration for a shield tv 2017? That would be also a way to test if it still works. Because that is that what i wanted to test before buying another flirc for the shield.
  3. The Original remote is BT, but the device works with a IR Dongle, that's the reason why i'm using Flirc. I used this thread for instructions:
  4. I did only reload the configfile. No way to re-learn, because the original remote is Bluetooth. I used the config file that worked before.
  5. Yes before today i was using Firmware 4.4.2 with my Harmony Hub. And I have also 2 other Flirc v2 with the same config still on 4.4.2 and both are still functional. I wanted to try a new config for Shield TV and for that i had to install a new config, during this i also updated the firmware to 4.9.0 and since then nothing goes
  6. Hi @jason I did the whole procedure again and made the log for you. Still not solved for me flirc_log.zip
  7. Hi @jason Thank you for your support. The update to 4.9.1 with the dori file went trough without a issue. Loaded my config afterwards. But still no reaction from the FLIRC when it's connected to my Sunrise TV UHD.
  8. I tried several configs and not one worked. not the original, and not the one i wanted to try for the shield. Enclosed the IR Debug Log and the original config. Please let me know if i can help any other way. I'll wait with updating the other Flircs I have until this is solved. Sunrise_Flirc.fcfg my_flirc_log_irdebug.txt
  9. Hi @jason I have the same/similar issue. After the update to 3.25 and Firmware 4.9.0 my Flirc v2 has issues. It does not react to any commands. The only thing it reacts to is if i send a command to configure the Flirc in the 3.25 app. Before the update i used 3.20 and Firmware 4.4.2 (if i remember correctly). Another Flirc v2 i'm using and have not updated yet still works. The issues are with the Sunrise UHD Box. Also tried to use the Flirc on a nvidia Shield TV 2017, also no reaction If possible i would appreciate a way to downgrade back to 4.4.2 (Ialready tried to install 3.2.0 Soffware, but then Flirc is not recognised.
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