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  1. no rush...thanks for the quick reply and the great work!
  2. Hey! just wondering if you did find the time to update the software so that the issue here has been resolved?
  3. it work. that is the solution - and a key mapping in flirc of course https://www.addictivetips.com/mac-os/run-an-applescript-with-a-keyboard-shortcut-on-macos/
  4. wow! cool! looking forward to it
  5. I've got a similar problem with a Pioneer Remote AXD7745 (luckily for some buttons only) - after i recorded the first of the "bad" buttons, it wont let record the second one Just want to inquire if a solution or workaround came up in the last two years?
  6. Hi, I'm considering buying a flirc IR receiver for my MacMini2018. I want to run applescripts and possibly python scripts with a button press on my remote. My remote will be the one of my stereo (lots of unused buttons). Will that work? Thanks in advance
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