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  1. Check this post for the settings button Should be the same for the netflix button, just need to find the good code :p
  2. I beg to differ, I managed to make the power off function work on my logitech harmony one (check my previous posts on the subject)
  3. What record button ? There is no record button on the shield remote
  4. I used this command in a "cmd windows" to add this key to a button on my Harmony One : flirc_util.exe record_api 0 101 I've explained how I added the "sleep/wake up" on this post I hope it will work for you :)
  5. Hey guys, I've been setting up my parents nVidia Shield 2019 with their Harmony One remote and I've managed to make the Shield go to sleep using Flirc. I've not been using just one IR code profile on the Logitech Harmony Remote Software, but two. I've used the "old" Shield IR profile one for the directions (up, down, left, right, ok, back and home) and media keys (play, stop, rewind, etc...) and for all other commands (custom Kodi commands, F8 in netflix to show informations, etc...) I've used an other profile (because the Shield IR one didn't have enough commands and also because some of them were the same with different names so one would be erasing the other). I used a Yamaha Amplifier for the other profile because my parents don't own any Yamaha product so there was no chance of conflict. The command in Flirc I used to go to sleep is the Power button in the "Media Keys" section (set up to a command in the other IR profile). The "ok" button in the Shield IR profile was used to wake up the shield. So, for each device (Shield & Yamaha) in the Harmony Software I made these advanced changes : Shield device : "Ok" to power on, "no button" to power down Yamaha device : "no button" to power up, "the command I chose" to power down This way I created an "Watch Shield" activity which used 4 devices : My parents TV Their amplifier Shield device Yamah device And everything works like a charm. I also managed to find the "settings" button in the Shield remote. It's the "Application" (or "Menu") on a Windows keyboard (I plugged a USB keyboard in the Shield to test each key). Since Flirc doesn't propose it in the "Full Keyboard" profile, I set it up to one button on my harmony using this command : flirc_util.exe record_api 0 101 (101 being the HID code for the "Application" key on a keyboard) I haven't search the Netflix button because my parents don't care using the menu to access it.
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