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  1. So, this worked for me on the 2019 shield. I'm using an old harmony one, the old logitech harmony software for mac, and just picked up a v2 flirc, and a 2019 shield pro. The activity created w/the flirc would turn off everything, but it would not turn on. I did notice that when i hit the "ok" button on my logitech, it would power on the 2019 shield. So, i added this into the startup sequence, but reviewing the activity and "adding more control". This allowed me to add the "ok" button into the sequence. working well right now. Edit: Also works on 1st gen flirc.
  2. Can you walk me through your setup? Or point me in the right direction on how to set this up? I've got a 1st Gen flirc (do I need 2nd gen? I have an old harmony one which uses the Logitech software to sync on my Mac. Do I set up the 2019 shield as a home theater PC or game console? What model do you put down? I've seen a couple of different methods in this thread to get it started but Everytime, I am having lag and the power toggle/sleep function doesn't work. Spent way more time on this than I would like but feel that the solution is close.
  3. Having issues w/1st Gen fpirc, Logitech harmony one and my 2019 shield.
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