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  1. Hello, I use FLIRC on my HTPC with a Harmony Smart Control remote (and the FLIRC/KODI profile). It used to work perfectly, but ever since I updated the firmware to 3.9 today, FLIRC only receives 1 out of 2 IR blasts for most commands, which sucks. For these commands I have now to push twice on my remote to get 1 blast received by the HTPC. Can something be done about this? If not, can I revert back to a previous firmware easily? Sincerely, Antoine
  2. Hi, I recently nuked my Logitech Harmony settings by accident and cannot get my setup to work properly again... I particulary cannot retrieve the responsiveness of the commands I had. I use a FLIRC device made for STREACOM HTPC cases with a Harmony Smart Control remote (with the Hub). Details about what's not working: - It seems that EVERY other IR blast is ignored by the receiver! For each action I now must press TWICE, no matter how long between the two commands! - I cannot retrieve the fast browsing in menus when holding a key: when pressing an arrow for example, I would move quite quickly in this direction with my old profile. Now it moves only by 1 increment every second even when holding the arrow key. What profile would you recommend I use in the Logitech Harmony database as a device for my FLIRC-equipped HTPC? I saw a STREACOM / FLIRC profile there but it is completely empty, with no IR codes at all... Thanks in advance for your help! Sincerely, Antoine
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