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  1. Thanks, I see your post Mick. This seems more like a workaround than an actual solution. I did connect Jason with someone from Logitech support but he couldn't get them to connect him to the right people to get the command added to the myharmony software so the problem lingers. Until then maybe I will try your solution, or just keep manually putting it to sleep before shutting down my system. Thanks!
  2. Mark, If this is in reference to my post above then yes I was talking about the 2019 Shield TV Pro. And yes all functions work with the exception of power off when you are using a Logitech Harmony.
  3. Jason, Sorry if this has already been asked I have a new 2019 Shield TV Pro, Harmony Elite Remote, and FLIRC. The Shield is far away from the Harmony hub so the Harmony has a wired IR dongle that is runs to the FLIRC to get commands to it for the Shield. Everything works fine per the FLIRC setup instructions (adding device FLIRC manufacturer and Shield TV model) but the Shield does not turn off with the Harmony. There appears to be a line in the shutdown sequence to shut down the shield but it does not seem to do anything. Also when I look at the commands available to the FLIRC device, there is no power button there. Any advice would be helpful to add the power command to this Harmony "device" would be appreciated. Screenshots from MyHarmony below. Thank you!
  4. I have the same issue. Using the new 2019 Nvidia Shield Pro/Flirc/Harmony Elite remote. There is no power toggle command that I can use to put the shield to sleep but the new Shield remote has a single power button on it. In the MyHarmony app I have a "Flirc" device with the "Shield TV" model number. Please add a power button to the available commands. Thanks
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