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  1. I received it flirc usb a few days ago. I am very satisfied with this product. First I was a little worried because when using the remote control it was not as responsive as I would like. Then I got usb extender cable and put the usb closer to where I was seating and it is very responsive now. I would like to thank the people that created this wonderful tech because its so hard to find a remote that can do whatever you want it to do. To me it is easy to use. I chose the kodi profile then I chose full keyboard and map the keys with the remote and everything works.
  2. I figure it out. I went to the media player classic forum and found out I can edit the shortcut keys to any keyboard letter I want in the options sections keymap on MPC-HC. So I have replace keys: num 1, num 4 etc. to their numbers counter part. I order flirc usb v2 hope everything goes well with it.
  3. Hi, I am interested in getting flirc usb v2. I want to program my remote for kodi with MPC-HC as external video player. From What I seem on the internet the keyboard mapping software does not display full keyboard keys. I want to able to program in my remote control with these keyboard keys:Num 1,Num 4, Num 5, Num 6, Num 8, Num 9 they get activated when you press num lock on the keyboard. Also I want to know if flirc usb is able to combine 3 keyboard keys into one button on the remote control. Example: Ctrl + Alt + V . Here is look at this link: http://shortcuts-keys.blogspot.com/2016/03/media-player-classic-shortcuts.html. In the link there are the shorcut keys I want to program flirc usb v2 with remote control for Media player classic. Please reply. If flirc usb v2 is able to do this then I am getting one. Please be honest and tell me if what i am asking is possible with flirc usb v2.
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