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  1. Now you tell me! ;-) Thanks I did not realize you could do that. Now I know. Ultimately I am not sure if this would have worked for me anyways since I also add on additional buttons to the remote, mainly the numeric keypad and the page up/page down (channel up/channel down). These come in handy for some apps like Pluto TV and HDHomeRun. Since I am using the keyboard to get these extra buttons I wouldn't be able to disable the keyboard profile for both. If the two different Flirc are using codes from two different remotes for the keyboard would this still work?
  2. @jason thanks for the updates and hard work. I can confirm that I got everything working on my 2019 Nvidia Shield TV Pro with the new updates except for the already mentioned NetFlix button (not a big deal). Also thanks for following up with Logitech although I remembered that I don't use the profiles from Logitech. I have two Flirc in the same room, one for the Shield and a second for an Amazon Fire TV. For this reason I can't use the Logitech profiles as they are effectively the same profile sending the same command so I simultaneously control both devices at the same time (one blindly). This is obviously not the behavior I want so I select two different devices that don't exist in my home. I then use the remote codes from those two devices to program the two Flirc which then independently control the Shield and Fire TV.
  3. @jason I'd be happy to test too. Will the Harmony profile also be updated over at Logitech?
  4. Apparently his "research" also didn't include who actually makes the Shield, or where the Nvidia forum is at.
  5. I got most of the functionality of the new Nvidia Shield Pro TV remote to work with Flirc and a Logitech Harmony 700 using the instructions for the older Nvidia Shield TV remote and from a lot of the information in this thread. However there are three things I have not been able to figure out: 1) The new Nvidia Shield Pro TV remote has a Settings button on it. From other posts I figured out that I can get this button to work with a long keypress of Esc. I captured the Esc key to my remote and when I hold that button down I did in fact confirm it works. However I would like to better emulate the behavior of the original remote where a quick press of the button instead of a long press of the button brings up the Settings. Is there any way to do this? 2) By connecting a keyboard to the Nvidia Shield Pro TV I discovered that F8 brings up a text (not voice) Search which is perfect. I recorded F8 to one of the buttons on my remote but it doesn't seem to work. I hit the button on the remote and nothing happens. All other buttons I have recorded work fine. I even erased the button and tried to rerecord it but it still doesn't work. Any idea what is going on? 3) One of the reasons I connected a keyboard to the Nvidia Shield Pro TV is to try and discover what maps to the Netflix button that is on the new remote. However I was not able to discover what the button is mapped to. Any idea what key the Netflix button is mapped to and/or how I can discover what key it is mapped to? BTW great product! I have three and am using them on the new Nvidia Shield Pro TV and two gen 1 Amazon Fire TV Cubes.
  6. I connected a keyboard to the new Nvidia Shield TV Pro to see if I could discover any new or unknown keyboard shortcuts for the Nvidia Shield TV Pro. I discovered that the PrtScn (PrintScreen) key takes a screenshot. I figured this may be useful to have on my remote at some point so I went to record it using the Flirc GUI. However I then discovered that the Flirc GUI full keyboard is missing the Print Screen key. However I then found the above post to try to get around this problem only to discover that the link to the reference is broken. I dug around a bit at the site and found the updated link for the reference: https://www.usb.org/sites/default/files/documents/hut1_12v2.pdf From there I assume that I can record the Print Screen button using the following command: flirc_util.exe record_api 0 70 I will give this a try later on to see if it works.
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