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  1. Nevermind, it was caused by Active Edge in a Custom ROM. I patched it. :)
  2. Hi, I have a Google Pixel 2, which sends constant IR signals through it's proximity sensor when the phone's screen is off, or on the lockscreen. It goes away if I put my finger in front of the proximity sensor. Can I ignore these signals in flirc somehow? This causes delays/lags with the remote control, every time I want to use my remote, I need to flip my phone, so my desk would block the proximity sensor. Any way to solve this?
  3. Nevetmind, the TV itself causing the delay. I bought a cheap universal remote, which can learn ir commands and programmed to both the TV and Flirc, and everything is fine now. The remote supports longpress and I've noticed that on short presses the delay is there on the tv.
  4. I have the exact same issue, and it's the remote unfortunately. I've bought a Flirc 2 recently (the metal one) and I can see in the logs that it sends keys slowly. I see in the logs that there is 490-500ms wait time before presses. But on my remote the power button is blinking in red when I press a button and its way faster. It's a magic remote I got for my 49UK7550MLA TV. @yawor Can I do something about this? I can attach logs if it helps. I've tried to set inter key delay via the command line tool but it's not available for this firmware.
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