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  1. He's being very specific in this case. Honestly this should have just been posted as a suggestion in the thread linked above. Because the issue with Android is the hardware specific buttons. IE: Home, Back, Search, Volume up & down. So this would allow someone to tie those specific buttons to keyboard buttons such as backspace = back. Good find though. Though, honestly, I dunno what people really use stock android for on the tv. I kind of figured everything would be done through XBMC, or plex if you just feel like spending money, which resolves these issues internally.
  2. Sleep Detection - for waking your PC from sleep Noise Canceler- Helps cancel out background IR noise Built-in profiles - Preconfigured Harmony Remote codes Inter-Key Delay - The delay between which the Flirc will allow the same key to be repeated ^ I guessed on 3 out of the 4 of those. Can you guess which 3?
  3. Since CEC functionality seems like the only way to fix your specific issue. There is this Otherwise I have to suggest using a different remote. Sorry. :unsure:
  4. But for now, the only way is to unplug it. :(
  5. Well if you're already familiar with XBMC then there is Advanced Launcher, for launching programs from a list.
  6. My suggestion here: XBMC Netflix Addon HULU Documentation There isn't a way to change the Flirc over to mouse mode, not without a third party program that interprets keyboard arrow keys as mouse movements. And even then you have to figure out a way to Enable/Disable it. As far as opening a list of programs with a single key press, it's the Windows Key. :P Seriously though, add them to the Start Menu and there you go. But navigating browser pages with a remote sounds tedious, and thus my original suggestion of XBMC, or Plex. Your choice between server that "pushes" files to your end devices, or individual devices pulling them.
  7. Test the Flirc in the GUI while programming it. When you have a key programmed to a button on your remote and you press that button with the GUI open, that corresponding key will light up. Test this first. Test it in Word, or notepad, as well. Program a button to a letter key and then press that button while in a text program. What program are you trying to control with the Flirc? Are you not getting any keys at all to register in the program? Or maybe just every other key?
  8. Yes, you can. I don't see why you would. Also, I have never seen "PLAYER" as an option on a remote. Show me a remote that has it and I'm buying it though, because PLAYER. Anyway, having the buttons programmed under TV mode would cause more issues than it would solutions, I think. You would be able to Play/Pause while it is on the TV option but not have arrows or Enter programmed. So it would cause a lot of flipping back and forth and confusion. You don't want to program your arrows and enter, menu, guide, or whatever, while in TV mode because then you can't use any of those to change settings on the TV set without messing with your PC.
  9. What program are you using to play your media?
  10. I think you missed the "GUI" portion there. I was suggesting to, instead of using the WMC interface that already has the media keys where you simply select Play/Pause and press the button on your remote, that you go to the Full Keyboard layout in the Flirc GUI and try programming your keys from there and see if it works better. I was not suggesting that you use an actual keyboard.
  11. Have you tried just using CTRL+P on the full keyboard GUI? Here's a list of WMC keyboard shortcuts. I didn't know about Win+Alt+Enter, that one's pretty cool.
  12. Unless I'm missing something, it doesn't look like the keyboard has an IR blaster. Unless it does, I don't see why it would impact the Flirc at all.
  13. delete the config in your Flirc, cover the Kinect, reprogram your Flirc What probably happened was that you programmed it while the kinect is blasting out its IR signal.
  14. I have no idea about Harmony Remote so have no idea what all is in the Profile's pre-configed settings. I'm pretty sure that there is a config file you have to download somewhere and load it into your Flirc. It wouldn't make sense to have those keys pre-mapped as that would eat up space for people that don't use Harmony remotes. The XBMC GUI in the Flirc software doesn't have everything, you're right. I suggest using the Full Keyboard screen and mapping what you want to the keys on there. I'll look for a bit and see if I can find that config.
  15. Devices to watch Netflix on, in order of personal preference #1 - Smart TV #2 - PS3 #3 - Roku, or Blu-ray player, or some kind of smart hub whether it be a Google TV box, Chromecast, Android Box or R Pi (These last two could utilize a Flirc) #4 - PC #5 - Xbox 360 ( I haven't ever seen a way to choose what episode, of a show, to watch without having to start an episode and then pause it and choose. Maybe I just missed it, but that would mean that the interface is very un-intuitive to me ) -- Now, with that said, the XBMC plugin may very well be your best option on the PC to use with a remote. I dunno about the WMC plugin. It sounds cool, and it should be remote/keyboard friendly.
  16. Not to say that it will, or will not, work on your version of Linux as I have no experience with it, but do you not have a Mac or Windows PC to program the Flirc on? Once the Flirc is programmed it stores the code in the hardware, so you can then move it to whatever device you want to control it with.
  17. Jobs using AutoCAD, or similar software, generally requires all caps in the writing.
  18. I believe you can. Sorry, I provide answers to questions while I am at the office, so it all comes from memory and based off of my previous experiences. I believe that the "Button already recorded" error that shows is when you try to program a remote button to a new key and the system recognizes the code from the remote button.
  19. I also don't have a clue why you would need to plug your remote into a PC while programming it with codes from other remotes. Nor do I understand Jason creating a different "simplified" version of the Flirc. The Flirc, that is, already exists and so creating a "simpler" one would actually result in more work. But as for the mobile device IR app. The app on the HTC One is already pretty freakin' awesome. The remote to a TV was lost here at work and some co-workers were trying to change the input on it but couldn't find a physical button, my phone came to the rescue!
  20. This sounds like it should work, once you have the Flirc programmed with your keyboard commands. As long as this program works with USB keyboards, don't know why it wouldn't, and doesn't expect one that is plugged into the PS2 port.
  21. What? The first step here is for you to retype this, please. Only 1 button, either Return ("back" on the XBMC remote I assume. Maybe try using the full keyboard) or Enter, will work at a time? From what I can gather your remote seems to send a pre-signal to your Pioneer device establishing it as a Pioneer signal. There would then be a second part of that signal which tells the device what to do. I believe Flirc doesn't compensate for this. I could be wrong, this may have been fixed awhile ago and I'm not keeping up. But that's what seems to be happening in this case. More info is needed, starting with what device and accompanying remote.
  22. Sounds like you will have to use the Command Line Interface, or yeah just wipe out the whole thing. I'll look for a thread on using the CLI, I have never used it myself.
  23. Since we're already in the Ideas & Suggestions area. Maybe forego the full-keyboard GUI and just allow physical keyboard inputs. Just have a box that you type in the character that you want to bind to, hit GO and bind the IR signal from the remote? Or leave the physical keyboard screen and just add that one in. Seems like it would fix issues like this as well as allow you to avoid creating Full Keyboard screens for every country's different versions. I'm no programmer, so I have not a clue as to how difficult or time consuming this may be.
  24. This sounds like it is because your computer is expecting an Italian keyboard. So try binding Volume Down to the / key, down next to Right Shift. This looks like it is the - "Minus" key on your physical keyboard. And Volume Up with ] or ), shift + 0
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