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  1. Man, that's a sexy case. I keep wanting to buy one and transplant my current HTPC into it but I just can't justify dropping the $$$ on it when laying an old PC sideways has served its purpose for a year now. :unsure:
  2. It runs android and has an open USB port in the back, so yes it should work. Also, there is makes me think it will work. And you can program in the menu key.
  3. Just from amazon's page on the remote, it was discontinued back in 2007. Do you have a PC with an x86 version of Win7 on it? Programming the flirc has been more successful lately on this version of the OS.
  4. I'm glad you were able to sort it out! Have fun with your dongle! =D
  5. This is like a mish-mash of everything I've seen so far. The only other time I've noticed this specific thing happening is in a recent post, where the user is using an XBone media remote. I thought maybe the problem was caused by an unwelcome IR source in the room that is actually being programmed into each key, and so the key presses themselves aren't being recognized. But the specifics in your post, wasn't programming before firmware update and that you're getting the error during specific button presses, seem to destroy that theory. I know there have been issues when programming on certain OSs. What OS are you using? And is it x86 or x64? Because other than this, I haven't a clue.
  6. Given that the OP in returned with any issues, I'm more certain that my above questions should hit this nail on the head. I'm thinking that there is an issue with programming on Windows 8, but not with use of a programmed Flirc. Also, I'm unsure what your question is. BTW, I moved this to the Remote Controls section. Thinking of cleaning up that section and creating subsections for different remotes. Thinking of doing it anyway. :P
  7. Were these remotes programmed in the same environment? meaning, did you program them both into the Flirc in the same room, at the same time? What it sounds like could be a possibility is that the Flirc is getting some random IR signal from an unknown source when you're trying to program the XBONE remote into it. Maybe try programming your Flirc in a dark room. Another thing to try after we rule out unwelcome IR sources Have you tried programming each button multiple times? I know some remotes send alternating codes per subsequent button presses, so I wonder if maybe this one sends out more than two different codes per button. It just seems impossible that the, known functioning, Flirc could recognize and store individual codes from your remote and then completely ignore them. So the above are two very common symptoms that both fit your issue. :angry:
  8. ---THEORY 1 --- Sounds like maybe your remote signals are bouncing off of the walls and hitting the Flirc repeatedly, when the lights are off. But when the lights are on, the source signal gets through and then the bounced signals become a jumbled mess of IR signals as they travel around the room. - Are you able to put your Flirc on the backside of your media cabinet/stand? Maybe just bounce the signal off of the wall and to the device, and hopefully those extra signals won't make it back there.
  9. I moved your post and merged them. I remember something about someone elses similar issue with an IR repeater a while back, that I believe became resolved. First question is: Have you tested the IR repeater with anything else? (While I go look for that thread) Second question: It wouldn't happen to be the repeater discussed in http://forum.flirc.tv/index.php?/topic/685-flirc-does-not-recognize-ir-blaster-signal/?hl=repeater#entry4655, would it?
  10. If I'm understanding you correctly, you manually program these Hex codes into your remote. Correct? If so: Then you could simply program new, unused, codes into your remote, setup the Flirc under its own IR blaster, and then proceed to press the buttons on your remote that correspond to your custom codes. Rather than typing that stuff into your remote and then typing it again into the Flirc's programming. Push 2 buttons via UI, or type numerous keys to input a Hex code....
  11. The software doesn't just load a template into the device, there are way too many different remote manufacturers for this to be a viable option, you manually program each computer key to a button on your remote. IE: you're in the XBMC remote in the Flirc GUI, all this does is give you virtual buttons on the screen like "Play" that is already tied to the corresponding keyboard button "P". Found Here Using the Full Keyboard view you will need to program each letter on the back of your remote to the corresponding letter on the full keyboard view. I know it takes awhile, but it works once you've done it. I've done it, it was worth it. If you're using XBMC be sure to check the box in the settings "Remote sends keyboard commands", or something similar. Also, the VIZIO equivalent, for the same base price and around $10 cheaper on shipping with most sellers.
  12. It sounds like you didn't program the Harmony Power button to anything. Did you press any other buttons on the remote to try and wake the HTPC? I don't know why I'm posting here, I haven't even tested this feature. I just hit the physical power button on my HTPC, as I walk by it, when I get home from work.
  13. Nice setup, very similar to what mine was at one point. The amount of wiring in this makes me anxious in anticipation for HDBaseT.... :unsure: Attached is what the wiring would look like, with power, and a Flirc in every room to control that HTPC from whatever room you're in! I need to change my name to Paint Wizard.
  14. This is all I can suggest. Also way less trouble.
  15. Is it an IR remote? If yes, then most likely it will. If no, then there is no way it can. I say "no way" but there are IR blasters you could hook up I guess.
  16. Oh. Yep, I should've read the description. I was under the impression from their original announcement of it that it was RF only. Glad it is IR, that's pretty sweet.
  17. I could swear there was a post, earlier this week or late last week, about the GUI not working right on Win7 x64 and that it worked fine on 32-bit. Let me see if I can find it, as it's my only suggestion. Or, a month ago... months, weeks, whatever.
  18. So you went through the Kinect, using its IR blaster?
  19. I don't have a Harmony, so I tend to not post on topics about it but from reading them I thought there was a Flirc profile for them.
  20. There is a workaround though in that post you linked.
  21. You say you "used the xbmc to map keys", what does that mean? You used the Flirc plugin that a user here created for XBMC to manually map the keys? You used the "XBMC" format GUI, in the Flirc software, to map the keys? XBMC Keyboard Shortcuts Use this list and map them manually in the full keyboard GUI of the Flirc
  22. Deadpool likes games! What is acid reflux? Super Sanity is no Joke. hehe You shouldn't tell lies. There is no help for what I am. Yeah, you did!
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