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  1. Hi guys - I'm new to Flirc. I'm using it with a Harmony Elite Hub (which sends IR to my equipment rack in another room) to solve Bluetooth connectivity issues I was having between the Shield TV 2017 (non-IR version). I need Harmony to control the Shield in general (main menus, streaming apps like Netflix and YouTube) but mostly for Kodi. So far I like what I see. I experimented with the Hamony "Flirc / Shield TV", "Flirc / Kodi" and "Flirc / FireTV". So far the best one for my needs looks to be "Flirc / Kodi". It has all the controls by default to control the Shield in general and also Kodi - I only needed to add chapter skip back/forward by mapping those functions to certain keys like page up/down, which worked nicely. The only issue I'm having is that the Hamony will not put the Shield to sleep when I turn my system off. I followed the above instructions, but it didn't solve it. I think the problem is that the "PowerOff" command being sent is the command to shutdown Kodi, not to put the Shield to sleep. For instance when I manually sent the PowerOff command (as a test, through one of the other remote buttons), Kodi jumps to its Exit screen where you can hit Exit to have it shutdown and go back to the Shield main screen. What's the trick for sending the Shields sleep command then? Also has someone already created a mapped Flirc keyboard controller for KODI? It seems I could do this manually, but I would think that probably dozens or more people have already done this and why invent the wheel... Lastly, I'm confused about the various Controllers Flirc offers. Can each one be loaded at the same time? Or you pick on (such as the Kodi one or keyboard one) and then upload just that one?
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