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  1. Just wanted to let you I got it working. Erasing the Flirc configuration stopped the problem but restoring the configuration brought it back. I had to start over but at least it works. Thanks
  2. I clicked on Erase in the Flirc GUI and pressed the Onkyo receiver OEM remote power button. The GUI acknowledged the command. The Onkyo power button still performs an enter command on the Shield. I tried erasing all of the receiver power buttons on the X-Sight remote using the GUI. The power buttons on both the OEM Onkyo remote and the X-Sight remote (in receiver mode) still perform an enter command. And the enter button on the Onkyo remote also performs an enter command in several modes. I tried erasing the the Shield enter button on the Flirc. The enter button on the X-Sight remote no longer performs an enter command but the receiver power buttons still perform an enter command. Now what? Thanks PS The bottom of the Flirc GUI is cut off on my Windows 10 tablet making it difficult to read the messages at the bottom. Is there a way top correct that?
  3. I have a strange problem. Whenever I turn my Onkyo TX-NR 646 receiver off or on (with either the factory remote or my universal remote) the Flirc sends a 'Enter' command to the Shield. The receiver has discrete on and off as well as on/off toggle and all 3 of these different codes send the 'Enter' command. And none of these codes have the same device, subdevice, or OBC codes as the one I chose for 'Enter' for the Shield. I've turned off CEC in both the receiver and Shield. If I remove the Flirc from the Shield this stops. I thought I'd get your input before I randomly start trying things. Edit I tried relearning the 'Enter' key and nothing changed. And I've found that a bunch of the receiver remote buttons send commands to the Shield.
  4. I made a new device upgrade for the FLIRC using the NECx2 protocol and it works pretty good but I have a question. Is there a way to program the Shield remote "Home Screen" and "back" buttons to my universal remote? Thanks
  5. My 2017 Shield does not have the IR receiver. I think the Android/LibreELEC box device upgrade I made used NECx2 protocol. I think I'll start with that and see how things go. Thanks
  6. I did something similar for a cheap streaming box that I run LibreELEC on and used the Kodi key mapping function. I guess I could use that as a starting point for some commonality (its in another room). Someone made a device upgrade for the Shield by learning from a Harmony remote. Would that be a better choice or does it matter? Thanks
  7. I recently purchased a FLIRC receiver (don't have it yet but I'd like to get prepared). I'll be using it with a Shield TV running Kodi and an X-Sight universal remote. I use JP1 files so the remote can be configured as practically any remote control. What would be the best remote control configuration to start with? I'm also for tips on setting up the FLIRC for Kodi. Thanks
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