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  1. See http://forum.flirc.tv/index.php?/topic/2743-flirc-v1-sleepwake/ Was bought simply to suspend/wake a PC from a Harmony remote. Apart from the 5 minutes mentioned in the above thread, I've never been able to make it wake either with the Harmony or any other remote. I've wasted countless frustrating hours on this over the years & am forced to conclude that it was faulty from day one. A purchase that I regret & certainly couldn't recommend.
  2. No, I've gone back to the same remote I was using yesterday after the Harmony failed. Given that other USB devices successfully wake the PC & my long history of failing to make this work, to me it can only be the Flirc that is failing.
  3. Spoke too soon. Tried to set up with Harmony instead of the remote I was using to test & the PC will no longer wake from sleep. Keyboard wake in enabled in Device Manager & checked with Powercfg. Confirmed the Keyboard ID of Flirc & that wake is enabled for it with Powercfg. Not sure how but yesterday I had it sleeping & waking from the same IR button. Today I cannot set the same command to both Media Keys & Full Keyboard, as the software complains that the key is already in use. But even using separate commands the PC won't wake. I cleared all config & only set Wake in Full Keyboard & still it won't wake. The PC wakes every time from a USB mouse & also from a wireless USB keyboard. Further, the device log reports an error requiring an update to firmware 4.1.0. Attempting to force an update tells me that 3.9.0 is installed & the latest version. Can't find a firmware download on the site to update manually.
  4. Thanks. Never used Media Keys before, everything was done via Kodi &/or Full Keyboard. Not even sure I recall Media Keys on previous versions of the software. Switched to Media Keys, learnt the IR code & it works! As a side issue, when running the software on a 1080 laptop screen it doesn't seem to render properly. The window is oversized & just shows the Controller layout. The learning prompts are off the bottom of the screen but there's no scroll bar to reach them. Lenovo Yoga 510 running W10 1803 release on an Intel 520 chipset. Haven't seen this issue with any other software.
  5. I bought a Flirc some years ago for the simple task of sleeping & waking a PC from a Harmony remote. I've never been able to make it work either from any generic remote or from the Harmony. If I program individual keyboard keys they all behave as expected but no matter what I do, I cannot get any response to power commands, either to sleep or wake. This is on a Dell PC originally running W7 & now running W10 & no luck on either OS. Other USB devices such a mini wireless keyboard or wired mouse will wake the PC, just not the Flirc. I gave up the first time & every now & then I stumble across the Flirc in a drawer & try again. I've just put a SSD in the PC & thought I'd try once more with a completely fresh W10 install & still nothing. Anyone have any suggestions before it's consigned to landfill for the sake of my sanity?
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