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  1. Just thought of a couple more things. The Shield TV will also respond to number inputs, any way to add numbers to the FireTv Flirc configuration? And last is, can I add a sleep function to the FireTv config to put the Shield TV to sleep when pressing the off button on the Harmony Elite remote? If any of these are possible, what steps do I take to make those changes? Thanks again!
  2. Thank you Jason, that worked. I don't know much about keyboard shortcuts with the shield and which key combos do what, but with the bluetooth programming through Hamrony I had next track and previous track commands that were programmed to the channel up and channel down buttons on the Harmony Elite remote. The description from the Harmony app is: NextTrack (Nvidia Game Conslole), for channel/page up, and PreviousTrack (Nvidia Game Console) for channel/page down. I have attached a couple photos to show the Harmony naming of these buttons. In the app I use most with the Shield, these buttons performed as page up and page down which help get through lists quicker. Can this page up/page down function be added to this profile and if so, what would be the process and steps needed to accomplish this? Thanks again Jason for the help and thank in advance for the help on my additional question/request.
  3. I am tying to setup a Flirc with my Nvidia Shield TV and Harmony remote, and have a some questions, as I am having difficulty getting it to work. 1. Is this the preferred or best working configuration for the most complete and accurate control of the Shield? I know the file suffix needs to be changed to .fcfg, and I have done that. I am using a Harmony Elite which is a hub based remote. I have chosen the ViewTv AT-163 device (which shows up as DVR type device in the app), the Harmony app, appears to have accepted that make/model. However, when operating the remote it doesn't appear it is a working profile as neither the remote nor the hub seem to be sending any recognizable infrared commands. I have operated the remote in device function with the ViewTv selected, and in activity function with activity built using the ViewTV and it doesn't appear to be sending any recognizable commands. When trying to record even a number key while pointing the Flirc at the hub or the remote, the Flirc does not receive a command. But the remote will turn on/off my tv, change inputs, etc. so I know the infrared is functioning okay. 2. Has anybody used the Harmony Elite remote and hub to setup the Flirc for use with the Shield, if so what device profile did you use? Did this device profile work with the above configuration file? I know I can use the bluetooth function of the Harmony hub to control the Shield and have it programmed that way now, but the bluetooth is buggy for some reason and Harmony hasn't offered any help or suggestions for resolving this issue. Hence the attempt to use the Flirc and infrared. 3. If that is the preferred configuration, do I just download the file to my computer then in the Flirc app: File -> Load Configuration -> then just select the downloaded configuration file? Does the Flirc autosave? I have done what I described in item 3 above and the shield doesn't not respond. Am I missing a step? I apologize for the long post, and would greatly appreciate any help in getting my Harmony Elite remote and Flirc to work with my Nvidia Shield. Thanks in advance!
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