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  1. Sorry to keep on, but does anyone have any other suggestions? Is it worth me buying the 2nd Gen Flirc?
  2. Hello again.. I have now tried a new 2A PSU (plugged directly into the PI and bypassing my lights) and have exactly the same problem. Infact I have tried a few PSUs, all good quality (Apple, Samsung) and am not seeing any improvement. I even went back to my old SD which has OpenElect (built on Noobs) and thats the same, so I know its not related to LibreElec... Do you have any other suggestions? Jon Edit: i did consider a fault on the Pi3, but i have connected a USB keyboard and 12 hours later, its still working fine,
  3. I would be surprised.. I am using a 5A quality PSU which also drives Hyperion LED lights. They draw 2.4A, leaving 3.6A for the Pi.. But this is happening all the time, when the lights are off, even when the PSU is under no load. I will try another PSU for sure, but I am skeptical to be honest. This seems more "USB" to me.. I found earlier that its not simply a case of removing and re-inserting it.. i have to move it to another USB port to get it working Its so annoying, I am thinking of going back to my Pi2 and living with it, as that didn't give me a moments trouble with Flirc.
  4. I have been using a Flirc for a while on a Pi2 with LibreElec/Kodi and found it faultless.. I literally have had zero issue. I needed a Pi2 for another project, so used the opportunity to upgrade to a Pi3 and now my Flirc is horribly unreliable. If I leave it alone for a period of time, it becomes un-responsive and the only way to make it work is to pull it out of the USB and then re-insert it... I realised there was new Firmware available, so upgraded it from 3.6 to 3.9 but its the same.. Does anyone have any thoughts? Jon
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