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  1. thank you very much for your help i will go with that route. also i can donate you one xfinity xr11 remote for testing if you are interested, contact me. thanks
  2. thanks for your response!! one last thing, the URC-6440 works out of the box with flirc? i see that you mentioned another software remore master for it ?
  3. thanks for your reply...i wish i had asked first before purchasing this remote....so this protocol you say its never going to be supported?? the second remote log was just a classic dreambox remote...
  4. thank you very much, i hope you you will have good news for me...
  5. you can only use vol up and down and power buttons as universal remote nothing else...
  6. hi, im trying to learn to flirc this remote but after the first button succesfully recorded then in all the other buttons says : button already exists :( (i have disabled built in profiles and updated firmware, and tried on 2 different computers) i was excited at first because its the best remote i have ever seen with lights on the buttons but then.... is there any way that this remote will be supported?? ALSO after i tried a dreambox classic remote for comparison, and the same thing happened, so im out in 2 of 2 , so even dreambox remote is unsupported? im sending you my logs of the 2 remotes my_flirc_config_xfinity.txt my_flirc_config_dreambox.txt
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