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  1. Thanks yawor - using the FireTV Home button worked :-) I am looking forward to when long-press functionality will be possible with Flirc 2 - then I would assign a normal press for 'Kodi Home' and a long press for 'Android Home'. Using Wake/Suspend from Media Keys also worked for putting the unit into standby, but curiously it would not allow resume from standby. For the Mouse activation, it's not actually a mouse event as such (or perhaps it is, but I don't understand it sufficiently) - it's an I/R function that just makes the mouse pointer appear on screen. After which, you need to move it by using the arrow keys. It's possible on many media players. It seems to me that there must be an I/R code dedicated to making the mouse pointer appear, but it can't be achieved via a standard keyboard code.
  2. Hi, just got my Flirc today and have setup my remote controller pretty well (the online instructions are very clear!). I'm using it with a Minix U9-H Android media center, primarily using Kodi. There are three buttons I don't know how to assign though: 1) Android Home button (to return me all the way back to Android's Home screen with one press) 2) Android Power button (to bring up standby/shutdown menu - I suspect this menu is controlled by a system app) 3) Mouse button (to activate the on-screen mouse pointer) I have plugged in a regular keyboard and tried all of the keys but none of them correspond, so I couldn't assign buttons for those functions. The regular Minix I/R remote has dedicated buttons for the first two of those functions, but no mouse button - Minix only provides a mouse button via their 2.4GHz remotes, not on the standard I/R remote. Is it possible to assign at least the first two functions? I'm hoping there might be an easy way. But if not, would there be a way to somehow replicate the I/R codes that the Minix remote uses for Power and Home, in order to program them into Flirc? Thanks.
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