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  1. Extender is part of video 4 in the series I'm watching on YouTube. I've not go that far as I wanted to experiment with Flirc first. I think maybe it would be useful for me to have a wireless keyboard or IR keyboard of some kind with alphabet keys. At the moment I have set some useful general functions (tab, space, backspace, delete). I also set some media keys but they only seem to work with certain video playback software and don't work well in other Apps. I think I need to experiment really and find what works for me. At least I can now do some further customisation and assign keys I need. Perhaps I can map alt and ctrl functions to unused keys. I'm mapping general functions to number keys because I don't have a lot of spare buttons on the remote. I'm also not sure if it's better to map left / right / up / down or page up / page down which I currently map separately. I also use rewind and fast forward but might be better with previous and next track. I would like to use Kodi more but the Netflix Addon doesn't work too well with it, it basically just launches a separate Chrome process in a new window and puts it in Kiosk mode so it seems like it's running in Kodi. I use Google Play for Movies, TV and Music but these don't map well with Kodi so far. UPDATE I can see better how this works now, I was able to map Alt + F1 to key 5 for menu in my window manager, so I can now access my applications - e.g. Flirc config, Kodi, Firefox, Chrome, VLC etc. I also mapped Alt + Tab to key 6 and Ctrl + Q to key 9. So now I have: 1: Tab, 2: Space, 3: Delete, 4: Backspace, 5: XFCE Menu, 6: Switch Application, 7: Page Up, 8: Page Down, 9: Close Window. However Alt + Tab key doesn't work well because short press switches to next or previous App and long press cycles very fast through all Apps. Maybe this can be slowed down somehow.
  2. Thanks, I think I will need some time to experiment and get back to you. It might be that I'm hoping to use the remote to do things it's not really capable of. But I would at least like to get some keys that don't currently work working.
  3. Thank you so much! You're a genius! :D. I was thinking I should send the thing back as it doesn't do what I expected and seems my broken QT configuration is to blame after all. I think it's something to do with my font settings or maybe a theme or package I installed when I used the deb-multimedia repo, it was after I installed packages from there that things went funny. When you say the util does everything the GUI does, how do I map arbitrary keys with the util? It only has examples <a-z>, page up, down etc, media keys and system? Is that due to incorrect controller setting on Flirc itself? Would I map one key for control and then another for a, b c etc? Could I press two at once to simulate command sequences? I understand my remote - URC 6440 - OFA Simple 4 USB is capable of some kind of macros but apparently uses the list key or something, I don't know how to set this up in software. I've tried the RMIR software but it is limited to devices where it has a mapping for button to function. Unless you find the right config / upgrade.
  4. Hmm, that's not what I see. The menu is missing like in the Apple screenshot but with a Linux XFCE title bar. I did have issues with QT / GTK Applications on this machine. I could maybe try the installation on one of my desktops, even Windows perhaps if an Internet connection is not required? My Linux desktop is an old 686 Athlon so may not run the software. It also only supports USB 1.0/1.1. I did have some success with the CLI tool after I made it executable and found where it was. But it only allows programming one letter at a time not multiple key presses or macros. There was an icon / image in the left corner of the title bar for the GUI but when I click it the application crashes. It's built for Ubuntu trusty I believe but I'm running Debian 9.2 x86_64 with XFCE Desktop. Thanks for your help so far.
  5. There are no menus at all in my Flirc GUI. No advanced options, no controllers, nothing. The only buttons are the ones on the virtual remote in the middle of the screen plus the erase and go buttons. I've tried right clicking, left clicking etc, there are no menus or anything. I downloaded the Flirc package from here: https://packagecloud.io/Flirc/repo/ Here's what I see on Debian 9: https://support.flirc.tv/hc/en-us/article_attachments/201160599/Minimalist.png As you can see there are no menus or options whatsoever. This page seems to suggest that the controllers were removed for Flirc Version 2? https://flirc.gitbooks.io/flirc-instructions/content/graphical-user-interface-guide/advanced-configuration.html The tutorial shown on this page is completely unavailable in my version of Flirc: https://flirc.gitbooks.io/flirc-instructions/content/graphical-user-interface-guide/advanced-pairing.html Regards the CLI tool it is supposed to be installed in /usr/local but I couldn't find it there at all. UPDATE Just discovered the flirc_util tool is installed on my system but due to a bug of some kind in the Ubuntu package / package manager it was not made executable by the installation so I was not aware it was there. Also it was in /usr/bin not /usr/local which I believe is where the documentation says it is. I will have a look at the cli and see if I can get anywhere with that. I'm also following a video series here: Where I have reached video number 4 in the series but not found anything about my version of the Flirc tool. I have version 3.1.0 of the Flirc software and Firmware 4.2.2 apparently.
  6. Hi, Sorry to resurrect an old topic but I too have bought a OFA Simple 4 Remote in the UK. I used Samsung code 2051 to pair the remote with my new Flirc 2. It works okay with Kodi / XBMC but everything else is pretty poor. I was hoping to be able to use it to control my PC somehow but it seems this is not the intended use of the device. I would like to at least get the Play / Pause / Rewind / Forward and Number buttons working. It would also be nice if I could control a web browser, e.g. Chrome / Firefox. However the latest Flirc application for Ubuntu does not provide any customization options for the version 2 Flirc device. It lets me pair the device to my remote using either no specific device or the Samsung TV 2051 device configured on the PVR button of the remote as a TV device. But I cannot re-map buttons aside from the basic Left, Right, Up, Down, Back and Enter that the App provides. There are no advanced or customization options at all. There is supposed to be a command line tool flir_util but it has not been installed on my system. Is there any way I can do this? The software manual says these features were removed and replaced with 'automatic algorithms' but these don't seem to match my applications very well. I can use the remote to control a video player in my web browser but the only buttons that work in the browser itself are up and down which map to page up and down, I cannot use Enter to open links for instance. In Kodi / XBMC I can control the Application itself but I can't control the video with Play / Pause / Rewind / Forward and cannot enter numbers with the keypad, I have to use the on screen one. I am using the Remote Master / RMIR tool you may have heard of which is a Java App for programming the remote. It does everything I want for the TV / Amplifier I have. But I don't know how to adjust the Flirc settings with it. If there's a way to do that I'd be happy to try it. The buttons on the remote are all mapped to their normal functions for the Samsung TV device. I tried just pairing the remote on it's own but without a specific device to pair to it cannot be used to control multiple devices and is basically useless when the remote has been paired with a TV. If there's a TV or other device code I can use or some other way to customise it I would be glad to hear it. Thanks very much. Please also feel free to direct me to another forum or move this post elsewhere if it is in the wrong location. It would be useful to know where it's been moved to though so I can find it. I'm also happy to contact Flirc directly I just don't know the best way to do that. Remote I'm using: One-All-Simple-Universal-control-Black Flirc Receiver: FLIRC-Universal-Control-Receiver-Raspberry
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